Divya Amla Churna For Digestion Problems

Divya Amla ChurnaDivya Amla Churna is the excellent preparation by Divya pharmacy for all digestion problems. Baba Ramdevji’s products are worldwide recognized and this is one of them. It is specially formulated from amla powder. Amla is our traditional Indian herb used to treat various problems borne out of indigestion. Amla is a natural vitamin c which is a powerful antioxidant and prevents accumulation of any harmful contents in the body. It is equally effective for constipation and several other stomach complications. Amla has been used since ancient times to curb out respiratory diseases. It improves the immune system in our body and can fight against any infection. So it has multiple effects and hence a very good product for all, who often suffer from digestive disorders. It can give protection naturally without causing any side effects.

Benefits of the product

Divya Amla Churna has multiple benefits. Apart from solving digestion problems, it is a good product for respiratory ailments. It helps in the digestion by maintaining the pH of the stomach. It controls the level of acidity in the stomach. Indigestion causes acidity, which again causes heartburn. One can get quick relief from all such complications by using this wonderful product. It works well in the skin also. It helps in the restoration of dead skin cells and brings freshness to the skin. It leaves a glow to the skin. It is the best natural cure for constipation. It removes the constipation problem by releasing all waste materials form the body. It helps in the proper bowel movements by assisting in the digestion process. If food digests properly, there will be no gas problem. It treats the roots of all stomach problems, and that is indigestion. Amla is very good for hair also and keep hair healthy and shining.
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Advantages of the product

The basic advantage of this product is that it can help you to get rid of several problems without leaving any harmful effects on your body. Western medicines are known to produce many side effects if used for long time. But natural products are what harmless even if you use for long periods. Amla is a great remedy for many ailments, including stomach, respiration, and skin problems. It helps to boost your immunity and thus protect you from any infectious diseases. You can use it for the treatment of your hair also as it gives natural strength to your hair. Amla is antioxidants and hence helps in the rejuvenation of your body. It helps in the purification of your body by removing any waste materials in your body. Waste materials are responsible for creating toxic situations in the body and give rise to many diseases. Amla is a natural vitamin c which can make you healthy and energetic by protecting you from any frequent infection. Even it improves your eye functions. It fights against aging by regenerating body tissues. It is also known as natural cure for constipation.


Divya amla churna is made up of dried powder of amla fruit. Amla is the chief ingredient here which is a natural remedy for all digestive complications and can take care of your eyes and skin as well. It can clear the digestive tract completely, and you will feel very rejuvenating. It prevents cell degenerating by providing necessary nourishment to your body and will give you a fresh look. If you suffer from hair loss and high blood sugar, then this is the product you want immediately. It increases the level of iron in the body, so it is good for anemic patients. It can treat any skin problems like irritation, acne, etc. Above all; it offers the best natural care for constipation.

Directions for taking the product

Divya amla churna is an Ayurvedic preparation which 100% natural and hence very trusted worldwide. Baba Ramdev products need no introduction. It is completely safe to take this product for longer periods.


It is suggested to take one teaspoonful thrice a daily by mixing it with lukewarm water. Daily use will give you quick and effective results. It is good if you make some dietary changes when using this product.

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