Divya Dashmool Kvath For Hypertension, Sleep Disorder & Stress

Divya-Dashmool-KvathDivya Dashmool Kvath is the Ayurvedic solution to stress, sleep disorder and likewise diseases. In fact, it is a natural cure for hypertension and bought without much difficulty. It is a product for both men and women and the regular usage will provide you calm and stress-free mind. So, as a result you can have a sound restful sleep. It keeps the imbalances that invite problems like stress and homeostasis in minimal amount. Usually the problems can be there because of lack of sleep, poor diet, using chemical toxins from environment and any kind of physical and mental stress. It is believed one of the finest hypertension treatments and avoids the stress related issues like arthritis, general debility and diabetes etc.

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Being a wonderful combination of Ayurvedic ingredients, Divya Dashmool Kvath is the perfect medicine to treat sleeping disorders and even the extensive hypertension. Indeed, its natural herbs are intended to help people alleviate pain and keep the nervous system well in control. Generally stating, the stress leads to various diseases and becomes the root cause of varied problems. This is the reason that it is considered as an ideal hypertension treatments that work towards relieving the person from strain and anxiety. As it is a natural cure for hypertension and varied other medical issues, Divya Dashmool Kvath has gained popularity. And the most interesting thing is that its herbal content does not come with any kind of side-effects.

Key Ingredients Of  Dashmool Kvath

The main ingredients of the herbal products includes Shalparni, choti kateli, prashniparni, Paadal, badi kateli, belgiri, Sonapaatha, Gokhru, and arnimool. These are the Sanskrit or the Indian names of the ingredients.

Benefits Of Dashmool Kvath

Traditionally the herb was used for treating so many health issues that includes nervous disorders, sleeping disorders, nervous exhaustion, immune deficiency, weakness of nerves, anxiety, lack of stamina, memory loss, fatigue, abdominal gases and all types of Vata problems. In case, you are having any kind of fever and flanks pain then usage of the product will make you feel relaxed. Divya dashmool is known to be the excellent nervine tonic. It proves wonder in treating arthritis. For treating gynecological issues the products shows its wonderful effects.

The product is excellent natural cure for hypertension and so it effective idea to treat different types of nervine weakness. It makes you able to overcome the problems regarding nervous exhaustion. It also treats the abdominal gas issues or flatulence. Your body’s immunity can be boosted up with the regular usage of the product. When you feel lack of stamina then can use the product. Divya product is effective in fighting with anxiety and fatigue whether it is chronic or common. It is an important way to treat memory issues. It gives way proper blood circulation throughout the body. It is a sleep disorder treatment and so it can promote sound, relax and restful sleep which is very much necessary for the exact growth of the body.

  • Highly useful in treating menstrual disorders.
  • It reduces stress, depression and relaxes the mind completely.
  • Helps in preventing sleep disorders for a better living.
  • It keeps blood pressure extensively under control.
  • Regular usage of Divya Dashmool Kvath prevents from arthritis.
  • It boosts immunity system and prevents headache.

Additional Health Benefits Provided By Dashmool Kvath

Divya Dashmool Kvatha is wonder idea for solving any of the excessive content of vata in the body. Body tissues can be rejuvenated and nourishes by using the product. When you use this then can have proper circulation of blood in the body. If the body has stress and fatigue then you can deal with that by using the product regularly. As the product have abilities to correct metabolism and so using this can provide you proper nutrition. Divya product is wonderful ayurvedic combination of natural herbs which helps to cope with hypertension treatments as well as sleeping disorders.

It contains some rarest herbs which help you to cope with less sleep and also these herbs make you sleep normally as it works like a normal remedy. Usually stress and some other diseases like fever, arthritis and pain in flanks etc. are the cause of less sleep but both women and men can use the remedy without any hesitation as it if suitable for both. Also, it is the natural products so it is free from any chemical and also the side effects of chemicals too. It contains mind soothing properties and when you have soothing mind then it prove to be natural cure for hypertension. When you are not taking proper sleep then it further changes to the disease but the problems that comes due to poor diet, less sleep, mental strains can be avoided and even treated by taking herbal product regularly. The nerves and cells of brain should be in better condition if they have work well and also take exact nutrition is required for its strength.

Advantages Of Dashmool Kvath

The most essential thing to notice about the natural cure for hypertension is that it has been manufactured with Shalparni, Prashniparni, Choti Kateli, Badi Kateli, Gokhru, Belgiri, Arnimool, Paadal and Sonapaatha. These are said to be natural herbs intended towards controlling the nervous system extensively and happen to relieve people from extensive stress. Along with this, its regular consumption helps the person in having a better immunity system that ensures fighting varied diseases. And of course, it is exceptionally safe to have the medicine because of herbal ingredients. These days, stress is engulfing people because of increased pressure of hectic work schedules and other problems in life. In this regard, Divya Dashmool Kvath is the ideal solution.

Mode of administration

You need to take a spoon of Divya Dashmool Kvath and now add that in 400ml of water, and then bring to boil. Keeps it boiling until it reduces to 100 ml and the strain it out. You can have this solution first thing in morning and secondly, 1 hour before having your dinner. Take this on regular basis to get additional effects and benefits for long. You need to note down this important thing that if you would soaked the product in water for about 10 hours before bringing it to boil then it would provide you better and effective results.


Divya dashmool product is helpful in treating all kinds of sleeping disorders. It is best way to get your sound sleep back and without any effects. This remedy is helpful to treat flank pain. You shouldn’t hesitate about thinking that you would be dependent over the product or have any kinds of side effects if you use the product for longer time. People who live in a stressful atmosphere definitely should use the product as it not only treat the stress but also before and after effects of the same. Insomnia sleep apnea, narcolepsy and restless leg syndrome can be avoided if you are dependent over the product and the reason it is wonderful sleep disorder treatment.

When you are having sleeping issues then it can further changes to huge medical issues and in case you are dependent over sleeping pills for having sound sleep then it would leave some side effects but using the product provide you sound sleep and wouldn’t leave any side effects. It releases your stress hormones and also avoids the physical issues which can result in abnormal sleep patterns.

With an astringent and sweet taste of Divya Dashmool Kvath, people consuming it will feel better after taking it. Manufactured with extensive natural ingredients, this sleep disorder treatment is designated for intensifications of the nervous system and enables the person to handle life in a better manner. It is developed to pacify nervous system, channelizes the flow of vata downwards, alleviates pain, cures cough and even asthma. As an ideal collection of nourishing roots, it eases the weakness of tissues caused over stimulation.

Directions of Using Dashmool Kvath

As a natural cure of hypertension, Divya Dashmmol Kvath is the most essential means to fighting the sleep disorders and even blood pressure because stress is the main cause of insomnia. Indeed, it should be consumed on daily basis as per suggested doses.
Available in a 100gm pack for 10 days, Divya Dashmool Kvath should be taken 1 teaspoon of 5mg and boiled with 400gms of water. It is always better to consume the solution before breakfast and dinner.

Customer’s review for Dashmool Kvath

I am a 50 years old man and I had problem of high blood pressure. The problem was running in my family and so that i. I was using some of the products and medicines for hypertension treatments but all was in vain. Then one of my friends suggested me to use the divya product and I started taking natural cure for hypertension. After around one month of continuous usage I got betterment in my condition and I have better sleep patterns too…Mark(USA)

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