Divya Mukta Vati For High Blood Pressure

Divya-Mukta-VatiDivya mukta vati to cure High Blood Pressure. Divya Mukta Vati is an ancient medicine used for treating problems of high blood pressure. The new western medicines claimed that there is no solution or treatment is available for high B.P and so it can’t be treated but the product is the discovery of Baba ramdev and he claimed that the product is able to lower your blood pressure even after usage of mere 4-5 days. Also, for getting better results one should use high blood pressure herbal cure regularly.

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Main Ingredients

This heavenly medicine is the result of the composition of some pure herbs taken from the Himalayas like Sankhapushpi, Brahmi, Arjuna, jata-mamsi, Ustukhudusa (French or Arabian Lavender), Puskara-mula, vaca, ashwagandha, Sarpagandha, Jyotishmati and other cooling herbs like mukta pisthti(moti pishti).

Benefits of Divya Mukta Vati

Hypertension takes place when there is disturbance in vata doshas. It also gives way to metabolic and circulatory problems, emotional issues, depression, stress, tension and strains in mind. Hypertension is also caused by the same. For management of hypertension Divya mukta vati is best option. It is high blood pressure herbal cure. As it is herbal product so no side effects are attached with the same. High B.P symptoms includes worry, stress, anxiety, erratic pulse behavior, tiredness, flushed face, severe headaches, high cholesterol, edema and sensitivity to light. Along with that person have slow blood circulation. High Blood Pressure also gives way to strokes because of cut off of oxygen to the brain.

Therapeutic uses

This product is valuable but some of the therapeutic uses for the same are mentioned below:

  • The product is free from any side effects.
  • It is able to prevent and cure high blood pressure which is taken place due to any reason. Usually high BP takes place because of heart disease, due to increase in cholesterol level, kidney problems, anxiety, hereditary reasons and tension.
  • High blood cholesterol can also be avoided if you are using the product.
  • Some of the other health issues like palpitation, insomnia, chest pain, headache and feeling of uneasiness can be avoided by the regular usage of product. Also, you will not require using any other medicine if having complications. If you are having normal sleep pattern but have another issue, don’t hesitate to use the mukta vati as it will not give you excessive sleep.
  • If you will compare the result of this herbal medicine with other allopathic medicine then you will get they only provide result which stays for small span as their target is not the root cause if the problem but opposite of that herbal product directly attacks at the root of the problem. It may be possible that it would take some time but the result which would take place will stay for longer period and effective. Even usage of product is able to completely diminish the health problem within 1 ½ years. After that it will keep the blood pressure normal for lifetime. Also, there is no need to take benefit from any other medicine along with the same. The target is not only the high B.P but it treated the along with problems like High blood cholesterol and palpitation etc.
  • If you are having any other medicine for solving the blood pressure issues and want to try the benefits of mukta vati then you have to stop taking that allopathic medicine. In some particular case, patients who are taking any medicine for longer period become the habitant of taking the same. Then you should immediately stop taking the medicine but try to keep the dosage less.
  • It is able to solve the problem of coronary artery disease too.
  • You can use it even for longer period of time without doubting to get any harmful effects.

Mode of administration along with Dosage

If your BP is 160/100 mmhg and habit of taking allopathic medicine then I suggest you to take 1-2 tablets of medicine, three times a day once before breakfast, before lunch and then before dinner time. You have to take the medicine with a glass of fresh water. In case, you have B.P 140/90 mmhg then you should take 1-2 tablets of mukta vati 2 times a day before having your breakfast and another before dinner.

Important Note

It is your choice of taking medicine that whether you want to chew it or swallow the same but I suggest if you would chew it first and then drink some water then would prove more effective. After using High blood pressure herbal cure when you’re B.P goes to normal you should stop taking your regular allopathic medicine with this herbal product. If you want to get the best from this medicine then you have to practice breathing exercise along with it.


You should not take diet which is very oily, spicy and heavy food. It gives way to high blood cholesterol. In place of that you have to eat light food and food that digested very easily. Increase the drinking amount of water. Early morning you need to drink about 2-3 glasses of water. It is good for your system. Include fresh fruits and healthy vegetables in your diet.


You should lessen the salt intake. Replace your normal salt with rock salt or sea salt. Keep yourself away from drinking alcohol and smoking.

Customer’s reviews

It is well known high B. P takes place when there is presence of slow circulation and bloated blood vessels. It can further give way to strokes because of cut off of oxygen to the brain. This entire combine make a person less energetic, fatigues and stressed. At that time herbal product proves magical as it cures high blood pressure and then provides calm and relax to different tissues and structures in the body. It even solves my problems of coronary artery disease and palpitation. I am using the same from last 6-7 months and very much satisfied with the results shown by it. Even I have suggested the same to my friend how is suffering from the problem…Leonardo dicapario(USA)

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