Divya Triphala Churn

Divya-triphala-churnaNatural Remedies Always Work In Preventing Constipation. Constipation is a situation characterized by incapability to pass stools, as they become hard and difficult to pass. This is a condition of the digestive problem. It occurs because the colon has engrossed too much of the water from the food that is in the colon. It is a problem of the digestive system that requires to be rectified as it can give way to other problems such as fistula, which is caused by regularly passing hard stools. There can be serious laceration problems in the track, which causes blood to ooze out at the time stool comes out. Divya triphala churna helps rejuvenate the body by detoxifying it. It works really well for the entire body by improving blood circulation, digestion, genitourinary and respiratory system. It is a colon cleansing product.

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Health benefits

People need to go for a good treatment if they regularly suffer from constipation. Though there are many ways to get rid of the problem, the natural way is the best. The healthy mix of herbs in Divya triphala churna helps clean the colon and helps to treat the gastric disorders.

It is known as colon cleansing product, which can be useful in colon cleansing therapy. Colon plays very significant function in keeping toxic wastes away from our body. Constipation mostly starts the indication of an injurious colon. For several ages we have been neglecting the health of our colon as a result there is constipation. Now a day’s people are becoming more and more health conscious and they are realizing the utilization of these cleansing. This is one magical Colon Cleaning Products available in the markets. Liquids, powder containing oxygen atoms, gels and herbal compounds extracted from the bark, roots and even the leaves of the herbal plants are used to make the products and it helps thousands of people throughout the world.


It’s very crucial to understand the importance of the Natural Constipation Remedies, one should make a change in his diet that means the rich in proteins and vitamins fruits and the vegetable such as peas, carrots, sweet potatoes and oranges are perhaps one of the best natural constipation remedies by which you can get rid of the constipation. Triphala has many health benefits; it is good for the eye, red blood cells, nervous system, immunity builder, reduces obesity, work killer, good for acidity and quite popular as Natural Constipation Remedies.


Necessary precautions like, not to eat too much junk food, should be followed very diligently. Other than that, it is advised to eat lots of fibres in the diet. Fibres help the stool to get soft, as it aids in digestion also. The consumption of natural herbal mixes of good quality helps a lot too. It’s very important to find the best Natural Constipation Remedies. Nowadays a lot of advertisements are available about the cure for constipation. There are lots of over the counter medications for the constipation available in the market but good product used properly, will provide instant relief. Always use ayurvedic products to get rid of these kinds of problems as they have no side effects.


Divya Triphala Churna should be taken in the dosage of a teaspoon full with one glass of warm water. This will clean your stomach the next morning keeping you fresh for the rest of the day.

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