Stherb Eye Gel

St Herb Eye GelSt Herb Eye Gel is a technically advanced herbal product designed specifically to apply in the delicate areas under the eyes. It is a superb natural product helps to prevent wrinkles and dark circles in the eye area. It has a moisturizing quality which leaves your skin around the eyes smooth and soft. Your skin will appear more radiant than before after applying this gel as it has such cooling capacity. As people grow older, the skin areas under the eyes get saggy, which is a visible sign of aging. Wrinkles become more prominent in such skin. But a regular application of this gel will prevent wrinkles and will retain the elasticity of the skin as it contains antioxidants. It will help in the recovery of saggy areas both above and below the eyes, giving a fresh looking skin.

Health benefits

This gel is tremendously helpful to prevent wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area. At the same time, it can treat bulging eyes and black rings under the eyes. This gel is the best remedy to get rid of dark circles, which reduces the beauty in a woman. It really helps to reduce swelling of the eyes as it has cooling effects. This gel is made from the extraction of a superb natural plant Pueraria Mirifica, which is known to be used in a variety of medical conditions. It will revitalize your skin by increasing your metabolism and helping in the regeneration of cells. You will experience extreme softness in the areas under the eyes. This gel will work as lubricants on your eye skin area and make them moisturized. It possesses fast recovering quality and will help with the repairing of any lost cells around the eyes. It contains some other herbs like Carbomer, Trietahnolamine, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylene Glycol etc. which have great effects on the eye’s skins.

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It is recommended for both the genders to remove puffiness, wrinkles and to get rid of dark circles on the areas under their eyes. It will stop the looseness of the skin appeared as a result of the aging process and will make it tightened and firmer. Your skin will appear to be bright and young. This gel is also a great anti aging product that keeps intact the vitality of the skin areas under the eyes.


It is ideal for all skin types. A hundred percent natural product made up from a number of herbs which have great effects on the skin areas under the eyes. You need to be a little careful while applying the product. Do not let it come in contact with your eyes and keep it away from children below the age of 2 years. Allergic people should also avoid this gel or consult a doctor before using it. Store it in a cool place as it is water based and can evaporate in a hot place and lose its effectiveness. Since it is natural, you can be relaxed from the aspects of its safety.


You must apply it under the area of the eyes carefully. Make sure you do not touch the lash line. Before applying the gel, you must clean and dry your eye skin areas. It will give you better results.

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