Stherb Facial Mask

Stherb Facial MaskA facial mask can be referred as a creamy layer applied to clean or retain the smoothness on your face. It has a great cleansing capacity and improves significantly the texture of the face. St. herb Facial Mask is a natural remedy applied to treat impurities on skin to give it a revitalizing effect. It contains the purest of natural minerals and some herbal extracts that help the skin to retain its beautiful look. Environmental factors such as pollution also cause serious damage to our skin. This facial mask can help in the reformation of skin textures by stimulating the natural regeneration process. St herb Facial Mask offers anti aging solutions to your face by giving necessary collagen in your skin. It can help in the formation of potential hydrogen level in the skin and necessary moisture to keep your skin firm and smooth.

Heath benefits

St.herb Facial Mask is designed to keep the face hydrated as it contains liposome, an element helps in the hydration of our skin. It can drastically reduce the signs of aging by keeping the skin moisturized and providing the nourishment to the skin to become firm. So, frequent use of the face mask will help to get a firm skin. Your skin will become fresh and clean as it cleans up the face by removing dead cells. Dead cells can cause the skin to lose its natural vigor, but this facial mask can help to regain the vitality of the skin by giving some extra nourishment. It improves as well as restore old skin cells. It provides the necessary firmness and texture of the skin by cutting down dead skin cells. Collagen is a kind of protein in the skin and this mask can quickly supply it in large amounts. St herb Facial Mask can effectively check dryness of our skin. Because of its moisture contents, it removes dryness and wrinkles altogether. It will give you a comfort feeling on your skin by making it smooth and ravishing. It contains Pueraria Mirifica, a strong herb which helps to control the estrogen level in a woman. It is the main female hormone necessary to retain the younger look.

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St.herb Facial Mask contains the best anti aging solutions, made up of various herbal extracts necessary to revitalize our skin. It is especially effective to remove wrinkles and looseness in the skin which are evident after a certain age. Skin loses elasticity due to aging. This facial mask can help to maintain the elasticity of the skin by way of tightening the face and the neck parts. It can stimulate the natural regeneration process to maintain the young look on your skin. It nourishes the skin from inside and reduce the occurrence of fine lines on the skin. It is a relaxation therapy, it lets your face muscles to become relaxed which give a healthy looking face.


It is a pure herbal cosmetic product with no side effects and perfectly suitable for all skin types. Make sure you do not apply it directly on the eyes.


It is recommended to use the mask thrice in a week after cleansing your face properly. Apply all over the face and the neck area. You can apply it for one hour or can leave it overnight to maintain the necessary firmness and texture of the skin.

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