Himalaya Tentex Forte

tentex forteFor libido enhancer, sexual vitality, libido, sexual depression. Himalaya Tentex forte is an effective non hormonal sex stimulant for men. This is a combination of natural products and it helps to increase your sexual desire, performance and sexual drive. Stress and tensions are the things which affect the performance in bed but this makes you free from sexual depression. It is a libido enhancer and increases the testosterone levels in the body so avoid problems like ED. It also relaxes muscles that surround erectile tissue and penile arteries


Winter cherry or ashwagandha is an ingredient of the product and it helps to relieve mental stress. Stress is what that doesn’t allow you to have good sexual performance and avoid sexual dysfunction. It also contains shilaijit which works like an adaptogen and rejuvenates the body for creating sexual vitality. Small caltrops which are also known as Gokshura is an ingredient of the product and it provide strength to the penile tissue. Even this ingredient has Protodioscin which is precursor of testosterone is changed to dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in the body. So, it improves flow mediated vasodilation of the penile arteries. Another one is Cowhage/ velvet Bean which is known with the name Kapikachchu, this is an aphrodisiac and it supports the hormonal production that mainly linked with brain’s pleasure system. It also prevents sexual depression.

Side effects: No Side Effect

How to use and how long to take it- You are suggested to take 2 tablets two times in a day. You have to continue practice of taking tablets for 30-45 days. After the time you can take 1 tablet twice a day and it will provide you comparable results which you haven’t get with taking any other things. As the product is combination of useful herb so you have no worry of any side effects.

Packing Size: 1 Stripe = 19 Tablets

Buy Himalaya tentex forte(1 Stripe = 19 Tablets)

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Benefits of the product

The product is an aphrodisiacs and it works like sex tonic so after having this you will get energy as well as strength for body. In case there is any sexual problem then having this can helpful for you to fight sexual weakness and cures erectile dysfunction. This is a natural product and so is safe.

Therapeutic Uses

Himalaya Tentex Forte is safe stimulant. Basically it works over the higher center like limbic systems and the hypothalamus and that help to improve libido. It helps to not only maintain but improve erection too. It is a product having anti stress, adaptogenic actions and it proves helpful to alleviate anxiety usually comes with the desire for sex.

Diet Recommendations

The product goes wonderful if taken with proper diet. You are suggested to eat more fruits and try to add green vegetables in your diet. Having good foods is not sufficient but you have to remember one more thing that you have to eat food at proper time too. You should eat almonds, peanuts, soy products, milk, raisins, figs and green teas as they are helpful to provide sexual vitality.


You should maintain a distance from spicy and acidic foods as are not good for you. Also, you should not indulge in bad practices like tobacco, alcohol and other recreation drugs as they don’t allow the herbs to bring out their positive effects.

Lifestyle Change Recommendations

Lifestyle many times can be responsible for sexual depression. If you exercise on daily basis then it helps to improve energy and fitness too. You must exercise which are meant to strengthen the pelvic muscles or muscles which are near to male organ. You can also practice yoga as it keeps you calm and stress free. It also maintains your sexual vitality too. Exercising also maintain the proper circulation of blood in body. Proper blood circulation is helpful to oxygenate cells and organs of the body. Rest is also necessary for body as at the time of rest body starts collecting energy for further work and prepares itself for next day. If you are compromising with your sleep or not taking proper rest for reenergizing the body then it attacks most of the time over libido. Healthy lifestyle also keeps you away from unnecessary sexual stimulations and it also gives recovery from sexual weakness which attacks you due to over masturbation.

Home Remedies

Treating the health issues with herbal and kitchen products have become very common due to its double benefits. First it is easy to get and you have not to rush to market and buy costly medicines. Second thing is that the products are cheaper compared to the medicines in the market. Ginkgo is an herb which helps to smooth the muscles and also it maintains the proper blood flow to the male organ. Zinc is body’s requirement for smooth functioning. If you are suffering from the deficiency of the same then may have sexual weakness like low libido and erectile dysfunction in men. So, you must eat foods rich in zinc like nuts, fish and oysters.

Massage oil are there by which if massage is given to the male sexual organ then can increase the blood circulation. It is a libido enhancer and so cures erectile dysfunction and weakness during sex. You can give a gentle massage above the prostate gland. You have another option to eat raw garlic cloves on daily basis; it is good for better performance in bed. Onion is also good so you have to consume it on daily basis. Nuts also help in regaining vigor and provide strength to the sexual system. Amla or Indian Gooseberry is a natural aphrodisiac and so can solve the issue of impotence and make you free from sexual weaknesses. Ashwagandha is an herb that calms the nerves and revives the body as well as mind, so you got better sexual health. Turmeric ginger and black pepper is also good and so include in your diet.

What is the concept behind Himalaya Tentex Forte?

Male libido and sexual drive is significant in every man’s life. It is true that the sexual desire varies from person to person but man’s mental well-being depends steadfastly on its sexual drive. If there is problem regarding this then he feels depresses. So, the product is created to remove all these tensions and worries as it can strengthen the sexual drive.

What are Customers’ Review?

The product has created confidence in me as after having this pill for just one month I have increase libido and solves all other sexual problem and also it builds my confidence level higher…John Paul(USA)

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