Home Remedies For Hair Loss

Home Remedies For Hair LossYour hair is defined to be the health barometer. Seeing some strands of your hair on pillow is not that alarming, as it is common to lose 100 hairs a day. It can take place when you are combing your hair or practically doing nothing. New ones grow at their old places and will feel up the vacant spots soon enough.
However, excessive hair loss can be the result of multiple reasons: illness, genetics, poor diet or even medications. It is rather disturbing and alarming to lose more hair and turn out to be a patient of premature baldness. During such instances, home remedies for hair loss can prove to be a great way to get your natural lustrous hair back.

Natural treatments as available

Hair fall is rather common between men and women. Even though genes play a pivotal role in losing hair, there are so many other factors to it. Therefore, learning a bit more about the home remedies for hair loss can be of pretty help. Some of the homemade items used are:

  • Aloe vera
  • Coconut milk
  • Neem, and more

Each has its own specifications and features, which can always work deep within your scalp and helps in regenerating hair growth in no time.

Advantages of going for natural remedies

The market is practically overloaded with so many items, promising you with hair growth. Just like chemically infused medicines for head ache, there are some shampoos and serums available for your hair loss treatment. However, natural remedies are best.

  1. You can procure the items straight from your kitchen and don’t have to buy anything from the market.
  2. Being naturally infused with hair rich proteins, vitamins and minerals, these items will work deep within your scalp and let your natural hair grow.
  3. You are free from any sort of side effects, as natural products are free from chemical infusions. It will prevent all kinds of rashes or irritation.

Ways to use the natural remedies

It’s time to learn a bit more about the natural remedies used for treating hair loss without any head ache or other side effects.

Coconut milk

You need 1 cup of coconut milk and apply it your scalp brush. After that, rinse your hair with cold water.

Aloe Vera

Extract the pulp of Aloe Vera and put it in your washed hair. Massage pump into scalp in circular motion. This natural product will not just help in hair growth but relieves headache, as well. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse it with water.


For this method, you need 10 to 12 dry neem leaves and water. You have to boil the dry leaves in the water till it comes down to half of the quantity. After that, wait for this mixture to cool, and then rinse your hair with it. You can always use this remedy after shampooing your hair and it relieves headache along with hair loss issues.


For this method, you need 4 to 5 Indian gooseberries and 1 cup of virgin coconut oil. Or else, you can try a mixture of Indian gooseberries and lime juice or Indian gooseberry oil and coconut oil. For the first method, you need to boil dried gooseberries in coconut oil and you will see the oil changes its color into black. Wait for the oil to cool down and then massage your scalp with it. Leave this oil for around 20 minutes and then shampoo as usual.

You can further try to crush Indian gooseberries for extracting its juice and mix 2 teaspoons of this extract with equal quality of fresh lime juice. Apply this on scalp and let it dry. After that, you need warm water for rinsing it off.

There is another method where you have to mix coconut oil with amla in equal amount. Then ensure to add few drops of lemon juice and apply this mixture once in a week thoroughly on scalp. After that, you have to rinse it off with plain water for fighting hair loss.

These are few of the multiple home remedies available, just for treating hair loss. If you want to learn more, then do your bit of research now!

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