SBL Dibonil Drops

Sbl Dibonil DropsSBL Dibonil Drops is a product of SBL Homeopathy. It is a combination of homeopathic remedies and on regular intake of this drop, the blood sugar level of the patients is under control. It is an effective medicine for homeopathic diabetes Treatment. It contains Cephalandra Indica, Gymnema Sylvestre, Syzygium Jambolanum, Crataegus Oxyacantha , Acidum Phosphoricum, Abroma Augusta and Helonias Dioica.

Health benefits

SBL Dibonil Drops are very effective for diabetes treatment. The combination of these drops can convert the excess glucose amount of the body into glycogen. The glycogen gets stored in the liver and muscles so that it can be used later on. The medicine is very good for treating the overall weakness of the body.

For the patients suffering from skin irritation, these drops are very helpful. These drops are helpful in strengthening the nervous system and could help the people to get rid of numbness. As these drops help in regulating the blood sugar level, they eliminate the urge of passing frequent urine and excessive thirst thus is found very effective to cure diabetes.
SBL Dibonil Drops are helpful in increasing the body immunity level so it helps in keeping the people healthy and fit. The body can fight with various organisms if dibonil drops are taken regularly. These drops are found useful in controlling the body weight. The body is prevented from losing excess weight.
The body cholesterol level can be kept under check if these drops are taken regularly. With regular use SBL Dibonil Drops are able to keep a check on kidney disease, gradual loss of vision and skin infections.

SBL Homeopathy Dibonil Drops

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SBL Dibonil Drops are used in the treatment of maturity onset diabetes mellitus and also non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. The drops are able to take care of the symptoms of diabetes and to delay the complications of diabetes. With regular intake of these drops, the quality of life of the diabetic people gets improved. These drops can be taken along with anti-hyperglycaemic drugs. This medicine is also helpful in reducing and treating gastric disturbances, frequent urination, cramps in the body and excessive thirst. These drops are also helpful for treating muscular pain, fatigue and mental stress.


Not to be used for the children. In adults, the intake of SBL Dibonil Drops has to be intake after consulting the healthcare providers. Though no known interactions with other drugs are known still if the patient is taking any other homeopathic medicine, food supplement, herbal supplement etc. it must be discussed with the health care providers before taking Dibolin drops.


Dibonil is available in the liquid form. The recommendation of the dosage is to have 10-15 drops of dibonil added to quarter cup of water. Then it has to be consumed thrice a day. The medicine should be consumed 30 minutes before the meals. The dosage of the dibonil as directed from the physician can also be followed. The medicine should be taken exactly the way it is directed and should not be taken in lesser or greater amount than prescribed. SBL Dibonil Drops should not be stopped without consulting the health care providers.

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