abanaWith life being full of stress and tension, it’s hard for anyone to look back to traditional ways to cure certain diseases. In early days, grandmothers used their herbal and natural ways to get rid of many disorders. But presently Himalaya has been offering several treatments through herbal ways. Himalaya Abana is an herbal product from prominent Himalaya Herbals Company. It has been endorsed by lakhs of doctors across globe and has been actively used by millions of customers. The product is a result of deep research and even guarantees bioequivalence. It is the concept of ensuring that the product available in the market is same as the one being tested in clinical labs. Himalaya Herbal uses one of the most original techniques for standardization- chromatographic fingerprinting. It makes sure that the product offers consistent quality and performance.

The herbal medicine enhances the condition of the heart and helps in proper functioning of heart. Furthermore, it controls the serum lipids by monitoring the normal cholesterol levels and some triglycerides. It normalizes lipid metabolism. It lowers the platelet aggregation and maintains normal blood pressure. People with problems like stress, depression and even obesity can take the medicine to get healthy soon.

The medicine is used as a daily supplement for healthy heart and maintaining blood circulation. Also, it lowers the nervousness and anxiety in the person. Himalaya Abana is a useful preventive medicine for coronary heart diseases. Other modern drugs also accompany side-effects which are not seen in Abana Himalaya.

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Usually our heart is at risk in present life stress. Various factors affecting heart and developing heart diseases are high blood pressure, hypertension, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, diabetes, depression, hereditary, age and alcohol.

Being an effective medicine for heart problems, it offers pool of benefits. This is the reason; it is widely being accepted by people across globe. The medicine offers an herbal way to support heart functions properly. It helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels. Also, it enhances the functioning of the heart in a safe manner and maintains blood circulation across body. It improves the lipid levels in the body and also maintains normal blood pressure. Furthermore, it maintains the level of platelets in the body and monitors that the level doesn’t decreases. Stress, anxiety and nervousness are consequence of past pacing life. Himalaya herbal product helps in getting relief from all these consequences and makes the person live a refreshing life with healthy heart.


Foremost, the Abana Himalaya is a purely herbal way of getting a healthy heart. Hence, there are no side effects involved in taking it. Being subjected to various tests in world renowned labs, the medicine is prepared as a result of deep research of scientists at Himalaya Herbals. Secondly, patients suffering from heart problems like coronary diseases, stress, and anxiety are relieved after taking the medicine. Thirdly, it helps to support normal heart functions. Fourthly, it promotes healthy blood circulation. Furthermore, it promotes normal cholesterol levels and also overcomes nervousness.


Generally, people with heart issues take the herbal product of Himalaya Herbal. Heart issues are common with people of every age group. So majority physicians prescribe Himalaya Herbal Abana to get relieved from such disorders. It is best known health supplement for heart care in human body. The ingredients are Arjuna, Ashvagandha, Dashamoola and so many other herbs. The product has been tested by experts in clinical labs. Millions of customers worldwide have taken the medicine and has even benefitted from it.

Directions for taking product

The herbal medicine from Himalaya Herbal is usually taken twice a day with warm water. Natural and herbal products take time to show impressive results and get absorbed by body. These products don’t just treat the specific symptoms but the entire body. For more information on dosage suiting your condition, you may consult the physician and he would prescribe the dose suiting your case.


Generally 2-3 tablets, twice a day is recommended by doctors for impressive results. The dosage of the medicine must not be over exceeded expecting more results. It can effect in your negative way. Your physician can let you know about the dosage suiting your conditions.

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