Ambica Amgesic

Ambica AmgesicAmbica Amgesic is a powerful ayuvedic medicine for joint pain, offered by the renowned Ambica group of companies. Ambica is a familiar name in the field of healthcare products based primarily in Delhi. This group has been in constant research to develop medicines to treat the basic ailments among people. It is a highly beneficial product for any kind of chronic pain including severe joint pains like arthritis and other kinds of muscular diseases. It is a purely herbal preparation which can produce no side effects. Joint pain causes inflammation and stiffness in joint which can affect the free movement of the body. It has best herbal ingredients which possess anti inflammatory substances. It can work as a painkiller and immune booster in the body. It is a purely herbal preparation which can produce no side effects.

Benefits of the products

Ambica Amgesic is a highly effective medicine for arthritis patients as it contains pain relieving qualities. It is best recommended for the treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical spondylitis and such other muscle pains. It can minimize the joint pain of any nature be it in the legs or in the back. It can give you faster results within just seven days of application. It can naturally heal the pain and stiffness in joint. It causes the flexibility in the joint muscles enable the patient to move freely. It is a natural medicine through which you can get rid of annoying pains in the joints. It contains various types of herb amounts to 39 which will work together to give visible relief from pain and will help in the movements of muscles.

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Chitrka, Guggul purified, Neergundi, Errand mul, Punarnava, Giloy satva, Shatavari,  Ashwagandha, Sunthi, Triphla, Gokhroo, Rasna, Davdaru, Papal mool


Ambica Amgesic is a great innovation by the Ambica group of healthcare companies. It has been created after an extensive research on multiple Ayurvedic herbs in a joint effort by Ayurvedic doctors and clinical researchers. It is a natural joint pain supplement which can altogether give relief from joint pain causes or any type of chronic muscle pain which creates troubles in walking and free movement in such patients.


Joint pain causes a number of difficulties among people. Ambica Amgesic is highly useful for all these joint pain conditions like-

Rheumatoid arthritis

It is a severe painful condition results from chronic inflammation in the joint muscles. It causes inflammation in the tissues and its surrounding areas and the pain can be felt in other organs of the body also.


It can affect all the joints in the body. Any part of the joint may come under this disease though it is mostly felt in the hands and hips, feet, knees and spine where the whole body weight falls on.


It is a condition caused by too much uric acid composition in the body. The excessive uric acid gets deposited in the body tissues and cause inflammation and pain in the body.

Joint pain caused by injury

In some instances joint pain can be caused by injuries from any accident or other reasons. Heavy injuries can alter the structure of joints from which the pain occurs in those parts. Joint pain may also be caused by arthritis and any infection or presence of tumor in the joints.

Stiffness in joint

It is very useful to remove the stiffness of joints. Joint pain can restrict the movement of any person or the person may suffer from complete loss of movement in severe cases.

Lower back pain

It may be caused by fracture, hip disorder or any other reasons. It is equally affective for the treatment of pain in the neck.
It is recommended for the treatment of pain in the buttock and your legs. People with shoulder pain may also get benefitted from using the product.

Directions for taking the product

It is available in the form of tablets, so take it as per prescribed. It is a natural medicine and has no harmful contents. Ambica is a trusted name in the field of healthcare medicines, it has a group of highly skilled and experienced researchers who painstakingly try to develop quality helathcare products to people and that are why it is a brand name in the field of Ayurvedic medicines in this age of high competition.


It is recommended to take two tablets twice a day depending on the severity of the pain.

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