Arjuna Herb

Divya-Arjuna-KwathDivya Arjuna Kwath is a famous cardiac tonic which is helpful for betterment of heart health. Even it was used from years and still is used to treat different heart conditions and general health of heart. Arjuna herb is a unique herb and is wonderful to maintain heart as it lessens the stress and nervousness on the heart. This lessens the load over heart also using arjuna bark on regular basis empowered the heart to its optimum condition. It purifies the blood, control cholesterol and gives way to normal blood pressure. It proves to be a boon for hypertension.

Botanical Name- Terminlia Arjuna

Family Name- combretaceae

Common name- arjuna, arjun

Therapeutic Benefits

Arjuna Kwath is natural product which is beneficial for treating different heart ailments like mitral stenosis, high cholesterol, arterial infraction, high blood pressure etc. Arjuna’s lipid regulating benefits are connected with the ability to modulate the blood’s absorption of pills. It works like a natural remedies for heart problems and so it is the part of different products assures to solve heart issues. Even people having the family history of having heart issues are prone to heart issues if take this then will have better heart health. It gives nourishment to the tissues and muscles of heart and makes them function better. It is for both men and women having complications because of heart problems reason is arjuna bark regulates the normal functioning by acting over heart muscles and blood vessels deeply.
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Arjuna herb is well known in the medical world as one of the best natural remedies for heart problems. It makes the heart function normally and gives way to proper circulation. Regular usage gives way to betterment in the condition of patient. Arjuna bark is believed to be very effective in treating heart diseases. It is been used from long time for treating the same. In older years this herb is used for better blood circulation.

It also gives way to proper blood flow to heart or to the all major organs of the body. It is used in Ayurveda system to make different products for treating heart issues, for control cholesterol and to gives way to normal blood pressure. Lots of heart health supplements are available in market but they have fear of having side effects but Divya Arjuna kwath is free from any of side or harmful effects. You need to take it regularly for production of optimum functioning of heart.

Moe of administration

Take 400ml of water and add a teaspoon of product in it. Bring it to boil and leave for seconds till ¼ of water left. Strain this water and take before having your dinner and breakfast. You have option of taking 100mg of herb for 10 days regularly.


Heart patients should take precautions to avoid complications with the disease. You should cut down the amount in your diet to normal blood pressure. Fried foods should be avoided because it gives way to deposition of fat in blood vessels leads to heart. Further it can gives way to restricted blood flow to the heart.

Drinks more and more water so that it removes chemicals from the body and keeps it healthy and fit. Every day exercise is must for obese or overweight people; it helps them to reduce the fat. Even regular exercise helps to keep the body fit and healthy. You can also try some yoga positions even at home or go for simple brisk walk; it is also effective in reducing body weight. If you will not sleep well and your body will suffer and it is true even at the when you desire to have better heart health.

Properties of arjuna

In Ayurveda, arjuna is known as a wonderfully effective cardio tonic herb. In Ayurveda the heart related ailments or IHD (Ischemic Heart Disease) are known as Hridroga. It can be differentiate in type based on doshas. If you are suffering from the acute but shifting pain then it is known as Vata Heart Disease. If the pain is mild and has heaviness, cough, nausea along with it then it is called Kapha Heart diseases. If pain comes with burning sensation then it is Pitta Heart disease and if there are all the above mentioned symptoms there then it is called tridosha heart disease.

How Arjuna is Wonderful in different conditions?

Arjuna brings the cholesterol elimination as it accelerates the turnover of LDL cholesterol in liver. It also downs the beta lipoprotein lipids and recovery of HDL components in hyperlipidemia patients. So, all this can control cholesterol. It works wonderfully if hypertension is there, its hypolipidemic activity and diuretic property fights with hypertension. It is an astringent and haemostatic in action. It is a cardiac stimulant and so strengthens the heart muscles and makes it function better. It helps to deal with problems like angina, coronary artery disease, myocardial infraction, heart failure, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia.


Cardiac patient should eat a healthy and well balanced diet. The diet should include seasonal fruits and green leafy vegetables. As oil and salt are your enemies so eat your food in simple. If it is possible then eat boiled vegetables along with chapatti and rice or should use very less amount of oil in cooking food. Take 3 servings of meal and a two serving of fruits a day.

Lifestyle changes

Lifestyle puts effect on what you are and even over your health. If your lifestyle is healthy the definitely you are far away from health issues but if you are living an unhealthy lifestyle then it can cause your health. So, you need to do exercises daily for betterment of your health. You should practice yogas and exercises daily. Walking is also good for you. If you are obese then doing exercise for weight loss is must for you.

Buy Divya Arjuna Kvath (100 gm)

1 Pack $10.00 Free

Customers review

I am 30 years old women and suffering from heart issues from last 2 years but then I started using Divya Arjuna Kwath and it started showing positive effects even after using for 2-3 proves to be one of the best natural remedies for heart problems for me. I thank the product for my better heart condition…Susan B. Anthony(U.S)

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