Arjuna Heart Diseases Treatment, Blood Circulation

arjunaTerminalia arjuna for Heart Disease Remedies, Prevent Heart Attack, Heart Diseases Treatment. Arjuna which is also known as Terminalia Arjuna is used widely in Ayurveda in preparation of medicines for different health issues. For treating Cardiac issues the bark of tree is used in different countries.

Therapeutic Benefits

The product is helpful for the treatment of asthma, hypertension and kidney stones. Even the product contains so many helpful extracts for heart diseases treatment. Some of the studies proved that it is one that chromatographically fingerprinted Arjuna Extract. The bark of arjuna gives a positive inotropic as well as hypotensive effect and so it increases the coronary artery flow and thus save the myocardium from any harm. So many substance of Himalaya Arjuna contains benefits like antioxidant. It also have diuretic properties which prevent heart attack and also saves the heart from formation of clots, increases the prostaglandin E levels and lessens the blood lipid levels which all combine manage the hypertension.

Botanical Name- Terminlia Arjuna

Family Name- combretaceae

Common name- arjuna, arjun
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Active Constituents

The bark of the tree contains phenolic constituents (terminic acid and arjunolic aid) flavones, tannins, glycosides (arjunetin and arjunosides I-IV), and b-sitosterol and oligomeri proanthoyanidins. Even it also has Casuarinin which is hydrolysable tannin and it exhibits antiherpes activity of virus by inhibiting penetration and viral attachment. Arjuna also has ethanol extracts which is wonderful to heal wounds.


Himalaya Arjuna is an adjuvant in ischemic heart diseases. Even for moderate hypertension, it works very mildly. It highs the triglyceride levels in blood. It gives way to proper blood circulation and so is able to prevent ischemic heart disease.


You are suggested to take a capsule two times a day. It is a natural product and so free from side effects. You need to take the capsule with meals. It would take some time to show exact benefits so you have to be patient. Also, this product not only treats the symptoms of health problems but keep that out of the body from its roots but if you are allergic to any of the ingredient in the list then you are suggested to take advice from your physician before taking it. Also, children who are below 14 years finds difficulty in swallow the medicine then people who are above 14 or can swallow it better to take it.

Health Benefits of Product

Terminalia Arjuna is helpful for the people having kidney stones before the condition goes worse. If you are taking the medicine regularly then it would flush out the stone from the body and you will not need any operative measure for that. Regular intake of medicine will help to prevent heart attack. It works like anti-viral agent because it contains phenolic constituent and so saves you from pathogen whose target is the immune system. It strengthens the coronary artillery. It keeps you away from hypertension.

Also, it is an excellent antioxidant and so can be one of the best heart disease remedies. Along with that it is capable to lessen the nervousness and stress. Due to its benefits the heart works in better way and regulates the blood pressure. It gives way to proper blood circulation to the heart and so tones the heart. This product keeps the blood pressure normal. Blood flow properly due to Arjuna extracts and normal homocysteine levels. It also supports the absorption of lipids in blood that shows it has properties to regulate cholesterol. When we are stressed and nervous it directly puts bad effect over the heart but if you in taker of the product then it prevent heart attack and also save it from the bad effects of stress. Along with supporting the heart’s energy output, it is able to increase the energy levels, immunity, stamina and cellular health.

Facts about Arjuna

Arjuna are deciduous riparian tree which grown in India. The height of the tree can be 27 meters. This tree also funds in some places of Sri Lanka and Myanmar. The botanical name of the same is Terminalia Arjuna but usually it called with names like arjuna herb, arjuna root and arjuna. This is a dense and tall tree having cone shaped long leaves. The white bark of the tree is used for preparing different medicines. The Sanskrit name of tree nadisarjja means it is wonderful tonic for cardiac problems.

Ayurvedic Tips for Heart diseases treatment

For treatment of heart problems one has to make changes in their diet along with lifestyle. So, for the purpose, you can have a fiber rich diet, fruit likes apple, guava, and pomegranate etc., green leafy vegetables. Eating good in not sufficient as you have to take full rest and complete sleep of 7-8 hours daily. Lessen your chronic stress and maintain the positive attitude. Keep control over your desires and wishes as it is the best way to avoid stress, hypertension and coronary artery diseases. Along with that try doing yoga, meditation or even can do your exercise too. Moderate physical activity is like heart diseases treatment.


People suffering from heart issues should strictly avoids heavy fried meals, breads, meat, high sugary foods, pulse and food containing pulses, curd, groundnut oil and egg preparations. Some other bad habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, tea, coffee are not good for your health. Lessen the intake of excessive salt.

Surveys Results over Himalaya Arjuna

heart disease are killing so many women all around the world and even the situation is serious if attacked any man. Even doctors say that it is hard condition but its prevention is available if using natural herbs for the same. So to check the effectiveness and zero side effects the test have been done over the product and the result of the surveys said that this herb is effective in treating cardiac issues. Even it gives strength to the heart tissues and so it is a great tonic for heart. Also, it provides relief from stress and nervousness. It gives way to exact blood circulation and very effective in treating diseases like breast cancer, DNA damage, asthma and digestive problems.

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Customer’s review about the Product

Himalaya’s product has best quality because it saves heart problem and also it provides strength along with stronger immunity. I am using the same from 4 weeks and have betterment in my condition. So, I suggest heart patients should use this for better results as it is one of the finest heart disease remedies…John Smith(USA)

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