SBL Homeopathic AT-Tabs Tablets

SBL AT-Tabs TabletsAnti-Traumatic Tablets or simply AT-Tabs is a superb homeopathic product developed by the renowned SBL group, which is world trusted. It is a well tested homeopathic medicine, which has a combination of different homeopathic drugs, used in the treatment of joint pain, sprains, fractures etc. It prevents shock in case of any type of trauma and accidents. It is a wonderful homeopathic remedy for trauma as it can prevent the shock associated with all kinds of trauma and accidents. At the same time, it is highly effective in the treatment of lower back pain, gout and rheumatic joint pain. The best part of this medicine is that it is totally free from side effects and people of any age group can use it.
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Benefits of anti-traumatic tablets

Anti-Traumatic Tablets are a renowned homeopathic remedy to treat any form of joint pain. It can treat any kind of joint, muscle and back pain arising from wrong posture. It is used as a first aid during any trauma and accidents. A major benefit of this product is that it can help to recover from the shock post injury. Moreover, it helps in post surgical period to have a speedy recovery. It helps to join the fractured bones and repair them fully. Rheumatic joint pain is a serious condition and one has to suffer excruciating pain that can make life difficult. Often, such patients go into depression while dealing with the pain. The main benefit of homeopathic medicine is that it can cure all such symptoms associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

Major Advantages AT-Tabs Tablets

The basic advantage of the product is that it can cure any joint aches. It helps to get rid of the shock developed by patients after any accident or trauma. We can call it as the homeopathic remedies for trauma. It helps in the reunion of joint fractures. This medicine can work in a very mild way and produce no side effects in the body. SBL is a renowned Indian brand of homeopathic medicines which have released a series of products to cure various types of disease. Rheumatoid is a type of arthritis characterized by immense pain and inflammation and which can be well managed with this homeopathic medicine. The power of homeopathy is that it can very well handle trauma and grief associated with any disease. Physical pain can cause emotional distress in life and this emotional pain may lead to chronic physical illness or it can aggravate such problem. But with the help of homeopathy, such situations can be handled in a positive manner. It can help somebody to lead a better life by effective handling of extreme grief and acute anxiety brought by some incidents in life.

Indications AT-Tabs Tablets

Anti-Traumatic Tablets are the pain reliever in case of joint ailments like back pain, rheumatoid arthritis etc. It is recommended for sprains treatment as it has pain relieving capacity. Sprains can be moderate to severe which affect the ligaments and muscles. This medicine helps to control the pain experienced by patients when a sprain strikes. Being as the homeopathic remedies for trauma, it is indicated for the treatment of prevention of shock in case of any accident or trauma. It helps during the post surgical phase by joining bones. It is administered as a first aid to any patient in post accident.

Directions for taking the product AT-Tabs Tablets

This Anti-Traumatic Tablets contain wonderful drugs of homeopathy, which are known to be pain relievers. It will not cause any harm, even if it is taken for a longer period of time. Anyone suffering from joint ailments can take help of this medicine including sprains treatment. It is available in tablet form and one should take it as per prescribed. People should adopt naturopathy for the treatment of diseases and there cannot be a better option than homeopathy to treat joint related diseases.

Dosage AT-Tabs Tablets

This Anti-Traumatic Tablets medicine should be taken in normal amount. Adults should take 4 tablets up to four times a day, while children should consume half of it. They should take 2 tablets four times daily. It is best to contact a physician before consuming it as he will be able to tell the exact amount of the medicine that should be taken.

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