Bakson’s Wart Aid Tablets

Wart Aid TabletWart, a skin disease, is caused by papilloma virus. It enters the human body via a break in the skin. It can develop at any age. It can be developed in various shapes and sizes. Most commonly, it appears on hands in gray brown color. The other common place is sole of the feet. These warts are way painful. Warts can also appear on other parts of the body like face, legs, nose and arms. These spread by touching. If you touch the affected part and then touch the other part of your body without washing hands, it may appear there too. Genital warts can cause cervical cancer. Bakson’s Wart Aid Tablets are renowned homeopathic wart remover. These are used in the treatment of warts, epithelial tumors and corns by the doctors. These tablets are safe to consume and the results are 100%.
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Bakson’s Wart Aid Tablets (25 gm)

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These homeopathic tablets are a combination of dulcamara, ruta, nitricum acidum, thuja and causticum. These ingredients are clinically proven and well known for the treatment of all types of warts. Causticum helps in drying the wounds and falling off the raised part. It also boosts the immunity. Thuja prevents their further and stops them from spreading. It reduces the burning and itching.


  • Warts (Raised or flat, painful surfaces on the skin)
  • Distortion of skin
  • Epithelial Tumors
  • Corns
  • Burning and itching on the skin


Warts are embarrassing and disfiguring. Bakson’s Wart Aid tablets are used for effective treatment of warts. Epithelial tumors can also be treated with these tablets. These tablets are safest and surest way to get rid of warts. It works great on corns. It also prevents the further formation and spreading. It decreases the itching and burning of skin.

Therapeutic Uses

Warts are caused by the infection in the skin’s top layer. Bakson’s Wart Aid tablets are homeopathic wart remover tablets. They work wonderfully on epithelial tumors, corns and warts. These tablets are helpful in getting rid of warts. Warts can appear on any part of the body. They also spread by touching. Bakson’s Wart Aid tablets only treat warts, but also prevent further formation. They are safest and surest way to treat warts, corns and epithelial tumors.


Recommended dosage for Bakson’s Wart Aid tablets is one tablet, three times a day for an adult. For children, you can use half tablet, three times a day.

Diet Recommendations

  • Purge suspected food allergens like dairy products, soy, corn and preservatives from your diet. Get a food allergy test done from your health care provider.
  • Eat almonds, whole grains, beans, dark leafy vegetables and seat vegetables to get rid of warts. These are rich in Vitamin B and calcium.
  • Include anti-oxidant rich foods to your diet. All types of berries, bell peppers and squash are rich in anti-oxidants.
  • Avoid pasta, sugar and white bread. These refined foods can harm the existing condition.
  • Eat lean meats rather than red meats. Cold water fish, beans and tofu are rich in protein. They also increase the immunity.
  • Make use of olive oil and coconut oil in cooking. They are healthier than other oils.
  • Reduce the intake of Tran’s fats. They are found in bakery goods, French fries, processed foods, onion rings, donuts, crackers, cakes and margarine.
  • Avoid caffeine, sugar, refined foods and alcohol.
  • Vegetables are high in minerals and vitamins. They also increase your immunity. Take 2 servings of vegetables daily.
  • Exercise for 30 minutes regularly. You may skip a day or two in a week.
  • Take care of the nutrition deficiencies by taking multi vitamins and robotic supplements. They are available in various stores. Address the needs of your body and choose the right product carefully.


Bakson’s wart aid tablets are safe to use for any type of wart. Consult your doctor about the proper usage if you are pregnant or nursing.

Side Effects

These homeopathic wart remover tablets have no known side effects. Thesy are very much safe to use.

Home Remedies for warts

Treatment of warts can be done with medicines and some home remedies.

  • Make a paste with castor oil and baking powder. Apply it at night and cover with a bandage. Change bandage daily. Repeat this for few days.
  • You can soak your hands in a solution of water and baking soda. After sitting for 5 minutes, let the hands dry naturally. It is a very effective home remedy.
  • Onion and garlic are known to be good for healing warts. Include them to your diet. For quick results, you can rub the garlic and onion on affected parts.
  • Lukewarm water kills viruses and softens the wounds. Soak the affected body parts in that for a quick relief. Make sure the temperature of water is bearable for your skin.
  • You can also make a paste with water and Vitamin C tablet. Apply the thick paste to the affected part and cover it. For best results, let it sit overnight. It irritates the wart to vanish.
  • Castor oil works best on small warts. Rub castor oil with a cotton swab 2 times daily.
  • Warts spread by contact. Don’t go barefooted. The virus may come in contact with your skin. Shared showers, locker rooms and the carpets in the hotel rooms may have these viruses. At least wear flip flops.
  • Keep your feet dry. Change the sweaty socks and use a foot powder to keep the foot dry.

Bakson’s Wart Aid Tablets (25 gm)

1 Bottle $13.50 Free

Customer’s Review for Bakson’s Wart Aid Tablets

I am 40 years female and experienced warts on hands 2 months ago. I was so embarrassed going out and meeting people. Everybody used to ask about that and tried to maintain a distance from me. I consulted a doctor and got the food allergy test done. He recommended me Bakson’s Wart Aid Tablets. They worked like wonders. In a week, the symptoms started to reduce. The brown skin started peeling off. I was so relieved. In a span of a month, my got hands started looking like normal. I am so thankful to my doctor and Bakson’s. This wonder product is worth trying. Believe me, it is value for money…Dara Torres (U.S)

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