Best Foot Cream For Dry Cracked Feet – Patanjali Crack Heal Cream

best foot cream for dry cracked feetThe very name of the cream says it can heal crack heel which is a common symptom of winter dryness. A cracked heel is painful and it sores while you touch it. It creates uncomfortable situations while walking and it controls your image also. It is not desirable among women as it is said to reduce their beauty. To treat a crack heel condition, ayurvedic products are the best as they do not leave any side effects and give immediate response. They offer permanent relief from such condition for example, Patanjali crack heal cream is an innovative medicine among its skin care products which is getting popular as an alternative treatment to crack heel. This is a cream for cracked feet basically which can even treat numerous other skin complaints.

Benefits of using Patanjali crack heal cream

  • It can be referred as a great foot balm which nourishes your foot and heals them. It prevents the cracking of your foot skin by providing nutrition. It is totally herbal and thus anyone can use this.
  • It is an ideal cream for cracked feet that nourishes the skin cells and get them moisturized enough even during winter
  • It is prescribed for various skin ailments as it combines only natural herbs good for your skin
  • Inadequate attention to your foot may cause cracking heel. This medicine will take care of your dry cracking feet like never before.
  • If not treated on time, cracked heel condition may worsen and cause bleeding and pain.
  • It gives faster relief and you will get results within a few days of application. This is the most natural way to get beautiful feet without spending much. It is affordable for all.

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Advantages of using Patanjali crack heal cream

It is the best foot cream for dry cracked feet as it contains only natural ingredients including mustard oil, wheat oil and candle wax. Mustard oil is traditionally known to be good for your skin which has been used for generations. They cause no harm to your skin
It is travel friendly as due to its tiny nature you can carry it along with you everywhere for your dry cracking feet. It is non sticky and will get absorbed on your foot very easily. It is welcomed by all because of its non greasy nature. It has a good moisturizing effect on your feet and prevents them from cracking

Indications of using Patanjali crack heal cream

  1. It is basically indicated for cracked heels and a general skin care cream for your foot and fingers.
  2. It is the best foot cream for dry cracked feet, which causes pain and bleeding in extreme cases
  3. It contains essential oils and vitamins which are necessary for the nourishment of our skin. A proper nourished foot will not cause any cracked heel
Directions while using Patanjali crack heal cream

Cracked heel occurs due to various reasons like winter dry air, poor attention to your feet, improper diet and wearing unsuitable shoes. This medicine can take care of all these causes and wonderfully heal your cracked foot. It is a great hindrance to your whole personality. However, together with this medicine, a proper foot care is entirely needed to keep your foot healthy and beautiful. You can try out various home remedies like lemon, papaya, glycerin and rose water, which are good for your skin. By using this product after cleaning of your foot will give you a fresh feeling as Patanjali products have a holistic healing approach.

How to apply Patanjali crack heal cream

You need to apply it before going to bed at night. It will make your heel softer and more beautiful. Along with it, scrubbing is very important for the well being of your foot. Apply a standard amount of the cream on the affected area two times in a day. Only external applications are recommended.

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