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Biotique Bio KajalNo makeup is complete without eye makeup and eye makeup is incomplete without strokes of kajal. There are numbers of chemical laden kajal in the market which are not only harmful to skin but also causes intense damages to eyes, but Biotique Almond Kajal is intended with natural ingredients and is made from ayurvedic recipe. It not only gives a black shiny texture to your eyes but also helps you to enhance your look in more reliable way that has no side effects.
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Best Benefits Of Biotique Kajal

The name of the Biotique brand speaks for the benefits of its product. There is no need to mention that the foremost benefit of this kajal is it being herbal product and have no side effects. Selected ingredients like

  • Almond Oil
  • Gooseberry
  • Sesame Oil
  • Extracts of eclipta alba provides nourishments

This kajal is rich in vitamin C and give a shiny intense and lustrous black color to your eyes, making you diva of the evening.

Advantages Of Biotique Kajal

The herbal ingredients of this kajal make it the best Kajal for eyelash growth. It promotes the growth of eyelash and gives a voluminous look to the eyelash. The 3 gm pack is travel friendly and can easily find its place in your purse. The tip of the kajal is already pointed and the body is designed in such a way so that you don’t have to carry your kajal sharpener with you. You can easily find one piece for yourself in the local market or you can even order it online.

Signs You Should not Ignore

If you feel that your eyes got watery or it becomes red and the reason behind this is your kajal then this is the right time to switch over to Biotique Almond Kajal. If you want to give your eyes additional nourishment to make it more beautiful then you should not give a second thought before switching to this new ayurvedic product.

Recommended Way to Use

This kajal is known as best kajal for eyelash growth and the reason why it is said so is very simple. If you want to make most of it then apply two intense stroke of kajal on your lower eyelid and when your upper eyelid meets with the lower one than the roots of the eyelashes will automatically get the nourishment that it needs and hence it will grow. If you have an oily skin then put a foundation first so that the amount of oil that is present near the area is reduced or simply use some oil control gel below your eyes. This will prevent the kajal from getting smudge. To complement your kajal you can use eyeliner also which will enhance the construction of your eyes and give you a bold look.

Buy Biotique Bio Kajal 3 gm

1 Pack $16.00 Free Shipping

Recommended Amount to Employ

One stroke of kajal is enough if you want a light and simple look. But, for an appealing and intense look try 2-3 strokes of Biotique Almond Kajal. With this kajal the way you do your eye makeup will be redefined.

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