Pigmento for Vitiligo or Leucoderma Treatment

Charak PigmentoPigmento is helpful to boost up the liver’s metabolic functions that are connected with toxic byproducts of body. It is even responsible for destroying melanocytes and make removals as well. It is able to provide strength to the body by enhancing the immunity so the self- destruction of melanocytes has taken place. Regular usage of the product gives way to making along with travelling id melanin to top layer of skin. Thus anti-inflammatory, antiseptic product is wonderful leucoderma treatment.


The herbal products is result of combination of ingredients named kirat tikta, ela, panchamrit parpati, piper longum, lawsonia alba, acorus calamus, picrorrhiza kurroa, swertia chirata, saindhava, elettaria cardamomum, cyperus rotundus, purified ferula foetida, caryophyllus aromaticus, myristica fragrans, cuminum cyminum, piper nigrum, acacia catechu, zingiber officinale, sapindus mukorossi, cinnamomum cassia, piumbago zeylanica, cinnamomum iners, shankha bhasma, ajmoda, nardostachys jatamansi, carum copticum, suvarna gairika, navaya loh, tamra bhasma, caesalpinia bonducella, loh bhasma, kajjali, abhrak bhasma, shilajit shuddha and hingul shuddha.


Herbal product pigmento is best solution known to lessen vitiligo symptoms along with other pigmentation disorders. It is inflammatory dermatoses and proves to be one of the most wonderfully effective white spots treatments.
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Pigmento is herbal product which contains allergic effect and is able to heal the wounds and cuts quickly. It also saves you from burning sensation, itching, and watery discharge as well and so is known as perfect treatment for leucoderma. Pigmento is able in inspiring melanogenesis. Also, it is able to endorse the transmission of melanin to the skin. In case you are having UV therapy then there is no need to worry as you can use that along with that therapy too.

Therapeutic Uses

Pigmento is known as a complete therapy for vitiligo symptoms. When you suffered from immunological attack over melanocytes or having free radical damage then it might be the cause of vitiligo. The main ingredient named Psoraleacorylifolia arouses melanocytes for synthesizing melanin known to be agent for pigmentation. Another two ingredients named Meliaazadirachta and Cassia tora contains antifungal properties. Ingredient named Taphrosiapurpurea modifies humoral compounds and Cell-mediated components of immune system. The rest of ingredients contain antioxidant and immune-modulating properties as well. Bakuchibeejvacha, sharapunkha, neempatra and chakramardabeej are most important ingredient of pigmento which are able to stimulate melanocytes to synthesize melanin and make the skin healthy and shiny as well.

Diet Recommendations

Diet plays wonderful role in reducing vitiligo symptoms. So, you should take a nutrition rich diet that is less spicy. Having bitter tasted vegetables like bitter gourd or bitter drum sticks are what that would prove miracle foods for you as they work like leucoderma treatment. Sunlight is very beneficial as it provides Vitamin D to body which is good for cells health. So, you are suggested to take sunlight for 10 minutes a day will serve your purpose.


You are suggested to take two- four tablets two times in a day and it depends over how worse is your condition. Pigmento is helpful in making melanin pigment and so in short it can be keep manage over depigmenting of skin. Being a natural solution it is fee from any kind of side effects, so, without hesitation you can take that for longer period of time. Tablets are result of comprehensive ayurvedic herbs and thus it can stimulate melanocytes for synthesizes melanin, it is actually a melanin that gives skin to its color.


When you are having this herbal solution then you need to avoid doing some things and that includes having spicy foods. So, you have to maintain distance from spicy foods. There is a list of foods which got a strict no when you are in search of treatment for leucoderma. So, check the list of foods like sour fruits, curd, foods made with combining jaggery along with milk, fruits etc. You should avoid excess sun exposure and don’t consume non-veg foods. Never mismatch foods like sour fruits and milk and take them at same time.

Side Effects

Usually there are no side effects have been discovered after using this herbal solution and even you can have that with other medications as well. They are safe and can be taken for longer period. But you can take precaution by having a light diet that is less in spices, sour and heavy foods. But children under 5 and adult who are over 60 years of age should not use this medical solution. In case you have conceived a child then you should not self- diagnose but it would be better to consult with your doctor. So that you physician would tell you what you would have to take along with taking the medication.

Home Remedies for leucoderma

Home solution forleucoderma treatment are perfect way and for that you need to take turmeric and mix that with mustard oil. Now, this would result in paste and you have to apply the paste over white spots. You can also use one of the best white spots treatments as well and for that take 500gm of turmeric and mix that with 8 liters of water. Bring it to boil till the mixture remains just one liter. Now, filter the solution and add around 500 ml of mustard oil to it. Apply this mixture 2 times in a day over the white patches. According to another remedy you have to take tamarind seeds and psoralea. Now, soak them in water for next 4 days. Then let them dry and grind to get fine paste. Apply this paste over the affected area on daily basis till the patches would disappear from there.

Buy Charak Pigmento (40 Tablets)

2 Bottle $32.00 Free

Customer’s Review for Pigmento

I am a 25 years old lady who is suffering from leucoderma and is there from around 6 years. There were some white patches over my skin to my hands and arms. The most annoying thing was small white patches which were over my face then one of my friends introduced this wonderful treatment of leucoderma to me and I started using the same. After using the same for around 3 months my skin was clear and this was because white spots treatments. I want to say thanks to my friend and Pigmento as well!!…..Angelina (Canada)

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