MDH Chutney Podina Masala – Spices Blend For Mint Chutney

MDH Chutney Podina MasalaMDH chutney podina masala is a mix of dried mint leaves which is further mixed with mango and chilies for good taste and flavor. It’s hot and tangy flavor is quite amazing and goes well with breads or a mix of yogurts. It can further be combined dishes that include seekh and meat and thus consumers can enjoy various mint powder benefits consuming it.

Health Benefits of Mint Powder

Mint powder and chutney can be used to gain various health benefits which have no toxic effects at all. Some mint powder benefits has been mentioned below;

  • Respiratory disorder like asthma, cough and congestion can be treated well with MDH Chutney Podina masala.
  • Stomach problems like indigestion, acidity, diarrhea etc. can be taken care off.
  • It is useful in reducing stomach ache and menstrual cramps if any.
  • It relieves individuals suffering from headache, migraine or continuous stress and tension.
  • The powder has excellent healing properties which makes it one of the best products to consume in case of any problem.
  • It helps prevent cancer which is one of the life taking disease which is probably everyone afraid of.

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Indications Of Mint Powder

This product is readily available in the market for customers, which sufficiently adds spice and taste to the food. The chutney can be conveniently prepared at home by following some simple steps or methods as listed below. However while using the product, it is important for the user to follow the steps mentioned below;

  1. The pack should be kept in a cool, clean and dry place.
  2. Once pack seal has been opened, make sure to transfer all ingredients within the pack to a container such that it can remain safe for a long period of time.
  3. Dry spoon should always be used for taking out powder from the container or pack. Powder if exposed to moisture can lose its quality and in such a case would not be safe to use or consume.
  4. After the packet has been opened, company cannot be held responsible for anything.

Directions for consuming Mint Powder

Users can conveniently use MDH Chutney Podina masala for making some amazing and yummy chutney. In order to assist the users in preparing the same, we have brought forth directions below;

  • Wisk a small bowl full of yogurt
  • Add Podina powder as per taste
  • Use a mixer to grind green coriander and green chilli. Then put 3 tspn of powder and water to make a paste
  • Keep the paste for 15 mins and let it settle
  • You can then serve this yummy mint chutney along with the main course or can use it along with pickle.

Buy MDH Chutney Podina Masala 100 gm

1 Pack $14.00 Free Shipping

2 Pack $26.00 Free Shipping

5 Pack + 1 Pack Free $64.95 Free Shipping

Quantity to be consumed

MDH Chutney Podina masala can be used for preparing some of the best and tasty Mint chutney. However before the users pick up the product it is good to know more about the ingredients of the product which includes;

  1. Iodized salt.
  2. Mint leave with dry mango.
  3. Pomegranate seeds.
  4. Black pepper.
  5. Yellow chillies etc.
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