Divya Tamra Bhasm Makes Your Skin Flawless

Divya Tamra BhasmDivya tamra bhasm is a renowned ayurvedic medicine used in the treatment for skin diseases. It has copper metal as its ingredient, which works as an anti-oxidant in our body. Actually, it is a multipurpose medicine used in various disorders treatments. Altogether, it is used in the treatment of gastrointestinal complications, liver dysfunctions and various age related disorders. Copper is necessary for our body which helps in the formation of bone structure and active functioning of the nervous system. Lack of copper in the body will lead to bone related diseases and various other difficulties. It is a useful natural medicine, which can make up the deficiencies in the body and keep it free from diseases. It helps in the detoxification in our body that keeps us healthy and strong. Divya Tamra Bhasm a natural treatment for skin disease is prepared very carefully from copper extracts and anti-oxidants thus derived are very beneficial for the health of skin and internal body organs.

Divya Tamra Bhasm is one of the best ayurvedic alternatives for treating severe problems of liver and even treatment of skin diseases. It is made from copper that act as an anti-oxidant and facilitates the flow of oxygen in blood and hence eliminating toxic substance from the body. It is considered as the best natural treatment for skin disease and even treats skin diseases like leucoderma. The combination of Divya Tamra Bhasm helps to cure not only skin diseases symptoms but also make body more resilient towards bacterial and fungal attack and prepare body to fight against infection naturally.
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Health Benefits Of Divya Tamra Bhasm

Divya tamra bhasm has numerous health benefits. It can treat skin disorders like Leucoderma or white patches in the body which cannot be cured by western medicines. However, thanks to ayurveda, this medicine can significantly reduce the patches. This product contains copper in its medicinal form which has great effects in our body. The copper gets assimilated into the body and curb down any toxic elements. It can treat any age related disorders and any stomach illnesses. It is a wonderful natural remedy for liver disorders. Copper is a necessary material for our body and deficiency of it can create various problems like premature graying of hair, weight loss, anemia and nervous breakdown, etc. This natural medicine can provide us the amount of copper that are needed for our body and thus remove many diseases.

Divya Tamra Bhasm is prepared very carefully by mixing the right amount of ingredients that possesses therapeutic properties and offers countless benefits. Among the long list of benefits few of the remarkable ones are:

  • Divya Tamra Bhasm enriches bones with essential nutrients and make them stronger and less vulnerable towards damages that come up with age.
  • It helps in the sound function of nervous system. It supply the required nutrition to the cells of brain and make them more efficient thus making them strong enough to carry out the functions effectively.
  • It also helps in the production of red blood cells and thus increase the hemoglobin content in the blood hence can be used as an alternative to cure anemia successfully.
  • It prevents premature greying of hair and stop dandruff to cause damage to skin of skull. It is very good for the health of hair.

Advantages Of Divya Tamra Bhasm

Divya tamra bhasm is all natural and hence cannot produce any unwanted effects in the body. It can be used by people of any age group as it is totally safe. It is free from any allergic reaction and hence absolutely perfect for the treatment for skin diseases. It works in a very gentle way on the skin. Even if it is taken regularly for a longer period of time, it will not cause side effects on any of the body parts. It is called as a therapeutic medicine, which will cure any disease, apart from healing it. It has rich ingredients like copper, which helps in the stronger bone formation and nerve cells. People suffering from nervous problems can very well use this medicine for a longer period. It makes the nerve cells stronger and active. It can also remove some general weakness in the body and help in the development of a stronger immune system. Anorexia patients can have wide benefits of having this product. Additionally, it can control cholesterol level in the body and now research is going on regarding its effectiveness in the treatment of a deadly disease, like cancer.

Divya Tamra Bhasm is known as the best natural remedy for liver disorders. It is the best remedy that cures entire skin disease symptoms. It is clear that the organic composition of this ayurvedic medicine is not beneficial for just one disease but it has potential to prove itself effective in other problems also. Divya Tamra Bhasm offers you numbers of advantages over its allopath counterparts, some of which can be listed as:

  • It is very effective for the problem of weight loss and general weakness.
  • It promotes the effective working of digestive system and helps it to perform efficiently by strengthening the organs related. It is the most recommended natural remedy for liver disorders and hence you need not to worry about your upset stomach always. Just include Divya Tamra Bhasm in your shelf and stay tension free.
  • Refined form of copper is used in combination with various other organic matters that make it safe for use for people of age group.
  • It does not produce any side effects or causes allergy. People of any age group can use it.


Divya tamra bhasm is indicated for various disorders treatments affecting your body. First of all, it is a very effective medicine for skin problems like, Leucoderma and others. Then it is widely recommended as a natural remedy for liver disorders. The liver, being a vital organ in the body should be protected by using this medicine. Liver also plays a great role in digestion. This medicine can treat digestive complications as well. It helps to keep digestive tissues healthy and active. It can remove diarrhea, dysentery, piles, etc., common digestive symptoms. In short, it can address any of the intestinal problems. As told by ayurveda, this medicine is capable of removing any pitta and kapha problems. It can check obesity and anemia as well. It is also used as a heart medicine as it helps in the normal functioning of the heart muscles by making them strong and active. Heart patients can have wide benefits from using this product. It is also effective for the treatment of chronic respiratory problems, cough, asthma, TB, etc.

If you are observing any irritation or other problems on your skin then don’t ignore and take it very seriously. It could be the sign of dangerous skin diseases. Divya Tamra Bhasm is the most trusted natural treatment for skin disease. Apart from this it settles an upset stomach and provides soothing effect to the nervous system.

The anti-oxidants present in the medicine also helps to stop ageing of cells and tissues which make you look beautiful and young also. It is very effective in healing pitta and kapha problems. It also put a check on obesity that gives birth to hypertension and heart disease and also helps to cure anemia. It makes the muscles of heart strong and more efficient and thus makes the cardiac system healthy and work effectively.

Directions For Taking Divya Tamra Bhasm

Divya tamra bhasm is a product recommended by Baba Ramdev and it is trusted worldwide. Its main ingredients copper has numerous effects and capable of removing several kinds of diseases. It can be taken variously with ghee, milk, honey, sugar etc. things on twice a day. There is no precaution needed while using it though pregnant mothers should take it on a doctor’s guidance.

Usually Divya Tamra Bhasm is mixed with honey or milk with ghee or sugar. This not also enhances the taste but also boost up the healing power. Since it is ayurvedic and do not cause any side effects simply does not mean that you should take it as per your wish, consult your ayurvedic doctor for the recommended dose which is suitable for your body. If proper direction to use is followed then the maximum benefits can be obtained.

Buy Divya Tamra Bhasm (1 gm)

1 Pack $9.85 Free

Dosage Of Divya Tamra Bhasm

As per indicated.

250 mg of Divya Tamra Bhasm should be taken once or twice a day (depending on the magnitude of the problem) in the morning and before going to bed. It can be taken before or after meal.

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