Divya Tribang (Trivanga) Bhasm Natural Remedy For General Weakness

Divya Tribang bhasmDivya Tribang bhasm is a natural medicine prepared by Baba Ramdev pharmacy trust in unique combination of three metals -lead, tin and zinc. This is a product which can increase body stamina by removing any physical weakness caused by various reasons. It nourishes the body cells, and as it has powerful ingredients in the form of three metals, which releases great energy in the body. The three metals give the necessary minerals and nutrients to all the body organs and enhance the energy within. They are great healing substances, which have been used since ancient times. It can check the fatigue and weakness produced in the body as a result of chronic illnesses. It helps in an enhancement of body strength by giving proper nutrition to all the body organs. Other than that, it can fight against prolonged infection. Men and women of all ages can use this medicine to get rid of weakness to enjoy a normal life. Divya Tribang Bhasm is a natural remedy for general weakness as it helps to increase body stamina. Filled with natural energy boosters, Divya Tribang Bhasm helps in strengthening the muscles and immunity system.

The immunity of our body is pre-essential for the proper functioning of each organ. The stronger the immunity of the body, the more strength each organ will have to fight against any external element that might harm us. But due to the low immunity of the body, our body becomes weak and it hampers its functioning.

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The weakness in the body could happen because of a lot of factors, be it genetically, lack of nutrients, irregular diet, illness that prolong over a long time or due to attack of infections. To get rid of the weakness and improve the immunity of the body, it becomes all the more important to take the help of some natural remedy for general weakness. These remedies are composed of natural energy boosters, which increase body stamina and protects it against the attacks of bacteria and viruses. One such effective herbal remedy is Divya Tribang Bhasm, which being composed of metals like tin, lead and zinc, helps in the treatment of general weakness in the body.

Helath Benfits Of Divya Tribang Bhasm

Divya Tribang bhasm promotes overall body health by releasing minerals and nutrients to all the tissues in our body. It is widely useful for women who suffer blood loss due to their monthly cycle, which is resulted in general weakness throughout the body. It is recommended for older people also who often feel tired and weak after doing any minor physical work. This is a wonderful natural supplement which can help in the faster gain of strength. It is seen that mostly women and older people are prone to weakness, which can be checked through this medicine. It keeps us free from any diseases by boosting immunity in the body and hence can be used as a tonic and a precautionary measure to guard against any disease.

Divya Tribang Bhasm is a powerful combination of metals which help in curing the problem of general weakness in the body. Composed of lead, zinc and tin, it works on improving the immunity and stamina of the body.

As loss of immunity leads to the easy attack of various bacteria and viruses, Divya Tribang Bhasm works on building up the strength so that the lost immunity can be restored. Along with that, it also balances the functioning of all other organs and provides relief to women from excessive pain experienced during menstrual cycle.

Advantages Of Divya Tribang Bhasm

Divya Tribang bhasm helps to counter prolonged infection. It is an immunity booster and helps to stay away from any kind of bacterial diseases. It contains no side effects and is recommended for all. It makes the muscles stronger by releasing essential supplements to the body. It can be an ideal medicine for those who are in the recovering phase post surgery. A surgery causes tremendous blood loss, which gives rise to weakness in the body. Rather than opting for western medicines, it is better to welcome this medicine as it can naturally help to get back previous energy in life. This is a very effective and trusted medicine worldwide to counter any exhaustion in the body. It helps to revive the original natural strength in the body after recuperating from any illness.

Divya Tribang Bhasm is an ayurvedic remedy that is derived from purified Yashada, Ghrit kumari ras, purified Vang and Purified Nad that work together to boost up the lost energy of the body. These powerful ingredients work together to strengthen the immunity of the body and help the body get relief from general weakness.

Some of the many advantages of consuming Divya Tribang Bhasm are mentioned below:

  • A mixture of elements like tin, lean and zinc, maintains the metabolism of the body and helps in the proper functioning of the body.
  • Supplements the body with necessary nutrients to protect it against various diseases and ailments.
  • It works effectively in the cure of general body weakness by making the body strong.
  • Treats people who suffer from fatigue and weariness due to loss of energy.
  • Being natural has no side effects, hence can be used by people of all ages.
  • Prevents the attack of bacteria and other sort of infections by improving the immunity of the body.
  • Works on improving the muscular strength of the body and the ability of all organs to function ably.
  • Regular consumption helps in restoring the broken or damaged muscle tissue that happens due to physical activity.
  • Proves to be highly beneficial for the strength and health of the body by providing the essential nutrients to the bones, tissues and cells.
  • One of the best natural remedy that provides relief to women during their menstrual cycle.
  • Makes up for the lost energy in women which happens due to bleeding while they are going through their menstruation cycle.

Indications Of Divya Tribang Bhasm

Divya Tribang bhasm is specially prescribed in situations when a person becomes weak after a major surgery or any illnesses. It can reduce physical weakness in a significant manner and if taken regularly it will give you better results. It is a good source of natural minerals and nutrients and help in the re-growth of bone tissues and cells and increase body stamina. It can make a person very active and strong by releasing great energy inside. It is a preferable product for girls who suffer natural blood loss during menstruation. It can treat anemia and any other illness that causes extreme tiredness in the body and affects day to day life. Lack of strength may result into many complications, both in men and women. It can disrupt normal activities in life. Children who suffer from malnutrition can be benefited by using this product. Since the medicine has herbal and metallic compounds, it can be used in the treatment of diabetes, urinary infections and any form of gynecological problems. It is effective for the treatment for kidney stones and helps them to dissolve naturally. Tribang bhasm can check all vata and pitta dosha among people and helpful against any kind of general debility.

Divya Tribang Bhasm is a wonderful herbal remedy that is highly useful in a lot of ailments. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Helps in curing diabetes.
  2. Loss of immunity in the body.
  3. Cure of various sorts of urinary disorders.
  4. Wear and tear of muscles tissues and cells.
  5. Lack of nutrients in the body and muscles.
  6. Loss of energy during the menstrual period in women.
Directions For Taking Divya Tribang Bhasm

Divya Tribang bhasm is available in powdered form and should be prepared as per instruction. Traditionally it is prescribed to be taken with honey and butter. Though this medicine is free from side effects, it will be better if you consult with an ayurvedic doctor before taking it. Pregnant and lactating mothers should avoid this medicine.

Divya Tribang Bhasm is a composed of three metals altogether in one powerful herbal remedy. These metals are namely zinc, lead and tin, which work together to provide strength to the body and helps in curing general weakness in the body. Being natural it has no side effects at all.

Buy Divya Tribang Bhasm (10 gm)

1 Pack $9.85 Free

Dosage Of Divya Tribang Bhasm

A normal dose should be taken twice in a day.

It is advisable to take ut 125 mg either once or twice in a day. The medicine should be taken along with honey and before your meals. Being natural it has side effects, even if consumed for a longer period.

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