Divya Triphala Churn – Natural Constipation Remedy

Divya Triphala ChurnNatural Remedies Always Work In Preventing Constipation. Constipation is a situation characterized by incapability to pass stools, as they become hard and difficult to pass. This is a condition of the digestive problem. It occurs because the colon has engrossed too much of the water from the food that is in the colon. It is a problem of the digestive system that requires to be rectified as it can give way to other problems such as fistula, which is caused by regularly passing hard stools. There can be serious laceration problems in the track, which causes blood to ooze out at the time stool comes out. Divya triphala churna helps rejuvenate the body by detoxifying it. It works really well for the entire body by improving blood circulation, digestion, genitourinary and respiratory system. It is a colon cleansing product. If you ate looking for the natural constipation remedies then Divya Triphala Churn will be best if you want to root this problem out of your life.

Divya triphala churna is a powerful ayurvedic medicine prepared by divya pharmacy that helps to curb any kind of digestive ailments. It is believed to be the best natural colon cleanser, which can take care of any gastric abnormalities. The colon or the large intestine is an important part of the digestive system which is responsible for elimination of the waste from our body. It performs one of the major roles in digestion. Gas and constipation are two of the common problems suffered by people in this world. It is a natural remedy for people suffering from chronic constipation problem.

It is a very common problem among humanity, which is caused by excessive gas composition and various other reasons. This medicine can help in the easy bowel movements by removing excessive gas during digestion. It is also known to be very helpful in curbing out various inflammatory diseases. It provides greater immunity to the body and thus helps to fight against any infection. It can take care of all the symptoms produced by gas like flatulence, fullness of abdomen and some others.
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Are you suffering from trouble pooping? Well, you are not alone; almost 20% of the adult population of America suffers from uncomfortable bloating and constipation. For many of us, constipation has become a routine problem, leading our daily life retarded. Some people even suffer from acute constipation. Despite the trouble, they undergo in the bathroom, a series of uncomfortable symptoms like gas, severe pain in the stomach, bloating, nausea, low back pain, etc. go hand in hand with constipation. If you go for the allopathic treatment, consume anti-acids and painkillers, it cannot uproot constipation, and furthermore, this causes side effects.

Divya Triphala Churn, a 100% natural combination of Amalaki, Haritaki, and Behara or Bibhitaki, is a cleansing and detoxifying miraculous herbal powder, that is best for colon cleansing, constipation, weight control, digestion, acidity, ocular disorders, etc.; it detoxifies the body, maintaining the health overall. Triphala is an age-old natural colon cleanser that fights with a number of health disorders related to colon. Besides being a natural colon cleansing product, Divya Triphala Churn is useful to reduce the weight. But the main effect of Triphala Churn can be found in its way to cure constipation. Before we proceed towards the further discussion of the benefits of consuming this herbal medicine, and its effectiveness in curing constipation, let’s discuss in a brief what causes constipation.

Health Benefits Divya Triphala Churn

People need to go for a good treatment if they regularly suffer from constipation. Though there are many ways to get rid of the problem, the natural way is the best. The healthy mix of herbs in Divya triphala churna helps clean the colon and helps to treat the gastric disorders.

It is known as colon cleansing product, which can be useful in colon cleansing therapy. Colon plays very significant function in keeping toxic wastes away from our body. Constipation mostly starts the indication of an injurious colon. For several ages we have been neglecting the health of our colon as a result there is constipation. Now a day’s people are becoming more and more health conscious and they are realizing the utilization of these cleansing. This is one magical Colon Cleaning Products available in the markets. Liquids, powder containing oxygen atoms, gels and herbal compounds extracted from the bark, roots and even the leaves of the herbal plants are used to make the products and it helps thousands of people throughout the world.

Divya Triphala churna is helpful to fight against gastric symptoms like heavy abdomen and certain others. It is a great remedy for constipation problems as it can stimulate the rectal activities and help in the easy excretion of bowels. Being as one of the best constipation natural remedies, it helps in the regular bowel movements. It is extremely helpful for growing children who often suffer from lack of appetite due to the gas problem.

It is a natural remedy for gas as it helps in digestion by removing gas formation in the stomach and promotes hunger. It helps to protect the normal metabolic activities in the body. It is advised for the older generation who often experince poor digestion and its related disorders. It is a great detoxifying agent that cleanses the colon by removing bowels easily. It can naturally improve the appetite by helping in the digestion. It is also a wonderful remedy of liver related problems.

What Are The Main Causes Of Constipation

Constipation can be occasional or chronic accompanied by fatigue, nausea, serious low back pain, gas, bloating, etc. It can be an age-related problem; most people suffer from constipation with the growing of their age. Constipation is one of the major symptoms of pregnancy.

Advantages of taking Triphala churna

Divya Triphala churna is prepared after a careful combination of three ayurvedic herbs Amalaki, Haritaki and Bibhitaki which have been used since ages to curb various digestive diseases.

  • It can cure any gastric ailments by helping in the process of digestion. All the three herbs contained in this product are believed to be very useful for digestive disorders.
  • They contain vitamin C which is a natural protection against any bacterial infection.
  • They prevent inflammation of the gastric organs. It is a therapeutic medicine that helps to rejuvenate whole body and mind.
  • It gives immense body power by nourishing the body cells. It can be called the best natural colon cleanser as it helps in smooth excretion of waste.
  • It offers constipation natural remedies by removing additional gas composition in the stomach and help in the active functioning of the digestive organs.

Why Would You Consume Triphala Churn?

  • Triphala Churn is an excellent composition of laxative properties, works as a natural stimulant, tending to facilitate the bowel movement.
  • Besides being one of the natural remedies for constipation, Divya Triphala Churn is a colon cleansing product. It makes the colon free from the intestinal worms. It provides the proper nourishment to the colon stimulates the walls of it and helps in the elimination process. Through the restoration of the proper tone of the colon, Triphala cures constipation.
  • It is the natural detox, detoxifying and cleansing the body, and rejuvenates the tissues of the body.
  • It promotes a healthy digestion, eliminating the gas and acidity problems. This also reduces the chances to constipation.
  • It increases the metabolism of the body. If you consume Triphala Churn for a long time period, the anti-oxidant properties of it ensure a fast weight loss.
  • It is effective in alleviating the eye disorders like conjunctivitis, glaucoma, cataract, etc.
  • It is known for the power of strengthening the nervous system; boosts the memory, clarifying the mind.
  • It improves the hemoglobin and increases the red blood cells.
  • It is beneficial for the patients of jaundice, and diabetes.


It’s very crucial to understand the importance of the Natural Constipation Remedies, one should make a change in his diet that means the rich in proteins and vitamins fruits and the vegetable such as peas, carrots, sweet potatoes and oranges are perhaps one of the best natural constipation remedies by which you can get rid of the constipation. Triphala has many health benefits; it is good for the eye, red blood cells, nervous system, immunity builder, reduces obesity, work killer, good for acidity and quite popular as Natural Constipation Remedies.

Triphala is an herb which has endless remedies. It is a natural remedy for gas and its related symptoms. It can take care of absolutely any disorder related to any part of the body. It can reduce the muscle contraction in the body and help in the proper blood circulation to all the body organs. It is a very good product for the heart as it can normalize the pulse rate. It is widely indicated for anemia also as it helps to increase red blood cells in the body. It can control the blood sugar level and hence is very helpful for diabetic patients. It can alleviate skin problems also as it helps in the detoxification of the body which reflects in a glowing skin. It helps to maintain an ideal body weight by keeping a check on the additional pounds.


Necessary precautions like, not to eat too much junk food, should be followed very diligently. Other than that, it is advised to eat lots of fibres in the diet. Fibres help the stool to get soft, as it aids in digestion also. The consumption of natural herbal mixes of good quality helps a lot too. It’s very important to find the best Natural Constipation Remedies. Nowadays a lot of advertisements are available about the cure for constipation. There are lots of over the counter medications for the constipation available in the market but good product used properly, will provide instant relief. Always use ayurvedic products to get rid of these kinds of problems as they have no side effects.

Directions of taking Triphala churna

It is found in powdered form and should be taken as per instruction. It is free from side effects and there is no harm taking this medicine for a prolonged period.

Dosage Of Divya Triphala Churn

Divya Triphala Churna should be taken in the dosage of a teaspoon full with one glass of warm water. This will clean your stomach the next morning keeping you fresh for the rest of the day.

It is recommended to take one or a teaspoon of the product before going to sleep. It is to be taken with warm water or milk. However one can consult a doctor about the right amount of dose.

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