ENO – Natural Remedy For Gas And Acidity

ENO antiacidENO a well known consumer healthcare products from GSK has been a very trusted and reliable medicine.
ENOcoming from Glaxo Smith Kline is great means to eliminate the causes of acidity serving as an alternative medicine for acidity. ENO lemon flavor is a natural remedy for gas and acidity.

Health benefits

ENO has been trusted since last decade in India and other countries and ENO is used to cure diseases like heartburn and indigestion. In today’s age of modern lifestyles and diverse career options most of us are getting very busy with our professional life and so often we tend to follow irregularity in taking food and other daily functions like sleep, walking, physical exercise, etc. Along with these irregularities there is also a factor of pollution of nature that causes more damage in our body. So, all these resulted into poor health conditions and indigestions. Indigestion is also a product of our busy life schedules and it creates discomfort in the stomach basically of digesting food and hence creates gas in the stomach. It can be very problematic for a lot of individuals as when this would press heart and other body parts at the time of release and we feel a suffocative burn pain. So, it is the primary causes of acidity.

ENO is available in the market in two flavours. 1. Regular and 2. Lemon. Generally we can get it in small tetra packet, and in bottles. ENO helps in many ways and it works very fast. ENO taken up with water in indigestion would clear stomach to release blocked gases and thus helps us to digest existing food at the earliest. For their productivity it is called as alternative medicine for acidity.
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Food is our life and most of us do work in order to get enough food on our plate. Without food, we are unable to get the required energy in order to do work. Our stomach does play an important role in digestion, as it is the place where all the nutrients and waste materials present in the food is dispersed. Our stomach does naturally produce the gastric and hydrochloric acid that does aids in digestion of food by breaking it down.

Among them, most of the individuals do opt for ENO. The product is a proven solution and a natural remedy for gas and acidity. Acidity often comes with a range of troubles likes stomach pain, heartburn and acid reflux, etc.

In some circumstances, the stomach does produces an excess amount of acid that does triggers acidic foods, alcohol as well as dehydration. Acidity and gas are a common situation due to this. The lining of our stomach is designed
in such a way that it can easily handle the acid level of pH 1 to 3. However, when the levels surpasses, many people do incur a burning sensation in their chest as well as on the neck area. There are many natural treatments available taking care of the causes of acidity. Anybody dealing with the consequences of acidity can easily take the alternative medicine for acidity. The product does come with a shelf of three years and with no storage precautions to be taken.


When people tend to ignore these kinds of health problems in the initial stage it could become very dangerous in the later part of their life as we gradually feel the discomfort in our body and also consequences. So, to prevent this, we must find a natural remedy for gas and acidity.

We generally see that due to the above stated reasons this type of diseases also gets developed in youngster’s body these days. But people aged over fifty are more prone to indigestion as we tend to get a slow metabolism rate in growing age and if any irregularity happened than it caught us in a more vulnerable way.
People can feel the indication of this health hazard in many forms. Most importantly, it made them completely tired and weak as the body cannot work properly until the release of the air blocked by the system.

Children that are below the age of 12 must not consume this product. Any person that is on a controlled diet of salt or suffering from heart malfunction or tension must not use the product before consulting from a doctor. It might cause retention of fluid. The person that is on a low salt diet, then the consumption of this product is not advisable as it does come with about 0.85 gram of sodium. The product is an antacid and solves most of the gastric problems. Any person can buy the product from general stores and medical stores. The cost of the product is nominal and cheap for every person willing to buy it.

How ENO works in Acidity and Why Take it?

  • The product does inherit the acid-neutralizing salts that dissolve quickly in the body.
  • The work of the product starts just in 6 seconds and stops the problem just in a minute.
  • Made with natural active ingredients, the powder comes with Svarjiksara and Nimbukamlam.
  • No need to worry about the usage of product, just half glass of water is required to consume it.
  • Comes in more than one flavor allowing the people to consume the product with the taste they need.
  • It does not interfere with the functioning of the stomach and does produce a soothing experience.
  • It tastes better in comparison to other products and motivates the person feeling uneasy to take it before anything else.

ENO lemon flavor is available in a powder sachet of 5gm. The product is available in medium bottle size and 6-sachet packing that does allows the person to keep in store for future use. Any person can easily consume it for treating the causes of acidity. It must be stored in cool and dark places away from moisture as the powder easily catches moisture. Every 5g sachet of the product contains about:

  1. Citric Acid
  2. Sodium Bicarbonate
  3. Sodium Carbonate

No sort of fruit or fruit extract is present in the fruit flavors coming for the alternative medicine for acidity.


The individuals should be very concerned towards taking the right precautions at the right time those are having problems of these kinds of health discomforts. With the times the problems will increase and become problematic in later stages of life if not cured properly at the right time. So, along with taking medicines, physical exercise also helps immensely on these kinds of health issues.
If we can exercise in a regular basis, we could help us from becoming lazier towards daily activities as technology took over the operation work. It made us to cut short the amount of physical exercise and eventually we become dependent on machines. If we really want to find causes of acidity, then we must take proper precautions regarding indigestion related problem at the very early stage of our lives.


Regarding the dosage of ENO lemon flavour which is also considered as an alternative medicine for acidity; we can point out the following steps:

  • A single dose of ENO contains near about 850 mg of sodium, which should be taken into account by those people affected by indigestion.
  • We should take these ten minutes after having meal in the day or in the night.
  • For medical emergency, we can take it multiple times in a day.

These medicines can give short term effect but if we really need to find a natural remedy for gas and acidity, then it should be having proper balanced diet and regulated lifestyles.

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The minimum time interval between the dosing must be 2 hours. The maximum dosage of product must not be more than 25g. Adults and kids that are of 12 years of age or over must take 5g or a single sachet in a glass of water by dissolving it completely in the water. You can also take a second dose after a dose of 2 to 3 hours.

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