Enukind – Treatment For Enuresis And Bedwetting In Children

EnukindThe problem of Bedwetting (also known by the names of nighttime or nocturnal enuresis) is a very common childhood problem of majority of small children. It is more of a development issue when the child is unable to control his/her bladder or be conscious about its getting filled. There are many
causes for the bedwetting problem like:

  • Bladder of the child is maturing more slowly than normal children’s.
  • The child’s bladder is able to hold smaller amount of urine than the normal quantity.
  • Decrease in level of vasopressin (hormone that reduces the urine production).
  • Family history of enuresis problem. If parents had this problem in their childhood then it is more likely to pass to their children as well.
  • Child’s inability to be able to remain conscious about his/her bladder filling during the sleeping hours.

Though bedwetting in children is not caused due to any kind of underlying medical problems in them yet if this problem is not a normal activity in child means if one child of parents had no bedwetting problem when he was 4 years old yet his younger brother or sister shows symptoms of bedwetting then it may be a thing of concern for their parents.

The Schwabe offers a medical product called Enukind for the treatment of bedwetting problem in children. The medicine is a tested product and is a successful clinically established therapy for nocturnal enuresis problem in children. Given below are the further details about the product along with its benefit, advantages and other details.
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BENEFITS Of Dr.Willmar’s Homeopathic Enukind

Children suffering from nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) are expected to have poor sleep arousal or the reduced bladder capacity and even excessive urine production. The primary nocturnal enuresis generally starts by the age of 5years or more and it causes involuntary passage of urine by the child during their sleep. This problem may not have underlying medical issues with it but it may be a problem in child’s future. Also it can result in nervousness, embarrassment and lack of confidence in the child for social meetings. The treatment for this problem as offered by the Schwabe medical company The Enukind solves the above mentioned problems in children.

This medicine not only controls the excessive or frequent urination in children but also checks the problem of bedwetting in children very effectively. The medicine’s proper check on this problem betters the condition of suffering children and so controls their irritability. Very effectively formulated, this medicine for bedwetting in children is highly recommended by most of the doctors around the world. If taken after the consultation by any doctor, this medicine very effectively controls the problem in its short medical course. Also the medicine does not have any side effects on the sleep of the child nor can the child be feared for having future urine problems. The medicine is clinically established and tested by physicists and so is a healthy treatment for nocturnal enuresis in children.

ADVANTAGES Of Dr.Willmar’s Homeopathic Enukind

This product is clinically very well established and is the most recommended clinical therapy for the bedwetting problem in children. Its main advantages are mentioned below:

  • The medicine effectively controls the urination frequency of children.
  • It controls the bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) problem in children of age 5 years or more.
  • It controls the irritability and nervousness in children that the bedwetting causes in them.
  • The medicine also takes care of the mental and physical debility caused to the children due to bedwetting problem.


The Enukind medicine manufactured by Germany’s Top medical brand Schwabe Ltd. is indicated for the very common problem of enuresis (bedwetting or nocturnal enuresis) among children of age 5 years or more.

DIRECTIONS FOR TAKING Dr.Willmar’s Homeopathic Enukind

It is advisable to first take medical prescription from doctors before. In the acute cases of this problem 2-5 globules must be given to children every half an hour. After controlling the problem to lesser symptoms 3 globules must be given 3 times a day until the symptoms get completely removed. Remember the globules must be given 15 minutes before the food intake.

Buy Dr. Willmar’s Homeopathic Enukind (10 gm)

1 Pack $13.50 Free

2 Pack $25.45 Free

DOSAGES Of Dr.Willmar’s Homeopathic Enukind
  • For acute cases: 2-5 globules in time gap of every half an hour.
  • For cases when symptoms are reduced: 3 globules 3 times a day.

Note: Give the medicine 15 minutes before the food intake by child.

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