Essential Infantia – Effective Homeopathic Growth Tonic For Children

Essentia-InfantiaEssential infantia is a homeopathic remedy that helps in the natural development and growth of infants. A good health in the infancy will help to grow up as a strong individual. This medicine helps in the growth process of children by giving them the proper amount of calcium, protein and phosphorus, which indirectly helps in the development of bones and teeth. In short, it is a natural tonic for kids, which promote good health. It can regulate the hemoglobin account among children as lack of hemoglobin will lead to anemia which restricts the normal growth. It contributes in the development of bones among children and makes them sturdy and healthy. It helps to regulate the metabolic component among children. It reduces the feeling of weakness among children by giving them all necessary compounds for the body. Besides, it can control flatulence or excessive gas composition in children. This is also effective for the treatment of colic pain among infants and any other stomach disorders in children.
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Various benefits of the product

To know the benefits of this medicine we must know about the role of calcium, vitamin and phosphorus in the human body. This medicine promotes all these elements in the body and thereby helps in the overall growth structure. These three are necessary components which help in the development of cell structure, bones, bone marrow and hemoglobin count. Iron is one the major component in our body which regulates blood vessels, muscle tissues, various joints, and gastrointestinal tracts in our body.

On the other hand, Phosphorus and its salts help in the proper functioning of brain cells, nerve cells and control the activities of the whole nervous system. This medicine called Essentia Infantia has a greater role to play in the development of children. It helps in the proper absorption of calcium, iron, and phosphorus in the human body and to a certain extent, it works as a supplement to all of them in case of any deficiency experienced by children due to a metabolic disorder. Moreover, it helps in the active functioning of the digestive system. It is useful in child care.

The advantages of taking the essential infantia

This is a wonderful tonic for child care. It helps children during their days of natural growth by offering the right amount of calcium, iron and phosphorus in the body. These three are vital component of growth and this medicine can offer them in exact amounts. The biggest advantage of this medicine is that it is totally free from unwanted side effects. It is an ideal medicine for the growth of infants. During infancy, lots of complications are reported which hampers the normal growth in children. All such difficulties can be truly solved by this medicine. Often mild dose is indicated for children and homeopathy just fit the bill perfectly.


Being an effective child care medicine, it can contribute in the natural growth process in children. It can promote healthy bone structure among kids and help them to grow as strong and mature individual. It helps in the overall dentition as it is full of calcium. It helps in the teeth to develop in proper shape inside the mouth. It contains well trusted homeopathic combinations of drugs like Calcarea Phosphorica, Ferrum Phosphoricum that are ideal for the physical development of children. It is indicated for the treatment of stomach flatulence among children, which is caused by metabolic abnormalities in children. Anemic children can be highly benefited by taking this medicine as it can improve digestion by releasing excessive gas in the stomach. It is the kind of tonic for kids that help in the stages of critical tissue growth in children.

Directions for taking the product

This medicine is available in the tablet form and is completely free from side effects. It is a real growth tonic for children who can help in the natural bone building process by providing all necessary elements like calcium, phosphorus and vitamin to their body. It can be used for longer duration of time.

Buy Dr. Willmar’s Homeopathic Essentia Infantia (20 gm)

1 Bottle $14.00 Free


The normal dose is recommended for children. It should be given with a cup of milk or water. In normal cases, one or two tablets should be given up to four to six times a day. However, in extreme conditions, one should consult a doctor.

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