Evens Out Vaginal Skin Complex

Evens out vaginal skin complexMany women have dark skin around the vagina. There are several factors that may lead to the dark skin around the vagina. Some women are born with the dark skin but others may develop darkness and pigmentation during the life time. This may happen due to advancing age or due to several child births. The skin around the vagina becomes dark in the pregnant women due to changes in the hormones. Some women suffer from sexually transmitted diseases that may cause uneven skin around the vagina.

Natural ways to even out vaginal skin complex

Women suffering from dark and rough skin around the vagina can try the natural therapies for improving the color and texture of their skin. There are several natural therapies that may help to even out vaginal skin complex.

Women should avoid wearing tight underwear and that are made of synthetic material. This reduces the supply of oxygen to the vaginal skin and produces discoloration.

Women should avoid wearing too tight jeans. It may cause irritation around the vaginal area and can cause roughness and itching of the skin with prolonged time.

You can rub the vaginal skin with lemon while bathing. It helps in reducing the dark pigmentation around the vaginal skin and evens out vaginal skin complex naturally.

You can also use baking soda during bath. You can add one teaspoon of baking soda in your bathing tub and wash your vaginal area thoroughly on a regular basis to prevent darkness of the skin around the vagina.

Papaya also helps to get rid of dark pigmentation of the skin around the vagina. You can rub a thin slice of papaya around the vagina daily. It evens out vaginal skin complex and provides tonicity to the vagina.

Self cleaning is most important. You have to clean your vagina regularly after passing urine. Avoid douching or using soaps for cleaning your vagina. This can upset the normal pH around the vagina and can produce uneven skin tone around the vagina.
Women should drink lots of water to keep their body well hydrated. It is useful for maintaining the normal skin integrity. Water helps to flush out the toxins from the body and also improves elasticity and tonicity of the skin. Water also helps to improve skin complexion naturally.

Yoghurt or curd is very beneficial for maintaining normal pH levels of the vagina. Yoghurt also prevents from recurrent bacterial vaginosis in women. You can rub yoghurt or curd around the vaginal skin. It helps to provide nutrients to the vaginal walls and evens out vaginal skin complex.

Aloe Vera is also found to be useful for maintaining normal skin color. Aloe Vera is proved to be very beneficial for skin problems. You can rub aloe Vera gel around the skin of your vagina. It helps to restore the normal skin color.

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