Charak Femiplex Gel For infections Of Vaginal Region, Inflammation Of Cervix & Yeast Infection In Females

femiplex gelIn current time, women are making big progress and challenging the men almost at every front. They do manage their family as well as their career as well with full efficiency. No one can see a single drop of energy while doing the multitasking. However, due to be succumbed in this type of lifestyle, not many of them are able to take of themselves, as they should. Due to the ignorance, many of them do come under the effects of infections of vaginal region.

Inflammation of cervix is also a major problem on which the women must give attention. For getting the best aid, one can use Charak Femiplex Gel. It acts as an antibiotic dealing with the symptoms of yeast infection causes in females. The product is best suited to work as the yeast infection treating helping to eradicate the troubling situation. Almost 85% of females encounter troubles like back pain, arthritis etc, but do not notice in the way of their work. For many of them, vaginal infection is normal but it might get a lot worse after time if not attended in due time.
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What are the benefits of using Charak Femiplex Gel?

  • The continuous use of the gel allows the women to encounter significant decrease in excessive vaginal discharge.
  • Any women can get instant relief from the unwanted itching and burning of female genital tract.
  • Through the use of product, you can easily treat the vaginal discharge coming from the infective origin.
  • Avoid the symptoms of recurrent vaginitis by using the product daily on the affected area.
  • It also contains anti-septic and astringent properties making it a great product to avoid production of infection causing bacteria.
  • The immunity enhancing actions of the gel shield the area from being infected as well as minimizing the chances of recurrence.

How to use Charak Femiplex Gel?

Femiplex is a normal medicine that works efficiently on the affected and reproductive area. According to the severity, it must be applied in sufficient quantity over the area almost once or twice on a daily basis. The product does come with a calibrated applicator that can be used to apply the gel over the area.

With the help of balanced meals, the infections of vaginal region can minimize and many people do advise the use of cow milk as a great medium to take care of the symptoms. It is important to keep the vaginal area clean and hygiene by washing it on regular basis. Right amount of sleep is also necessary for the product to work out to the full efficiency.


Charak makes the products with an aim to make the life quality of the people good. The aim is achieved by providing herbal healthcare available internationally to the people needing them.

Basically, the ingredients used in preparing the Femiplex gel are natural. The product does come for the women to give them ayurvedic and herbal care. Any sort of itching is reduced in the female genital tract by continuous use of the product. Charak made the gel for the women that have no time for them in their working daily lifestyle to improve the quality of life and giving them fresh feeling that stays all the day.

Buy Femiplex Gel 30 gm

1 Pack $10.95 Free Shipping

2 Pack $19.95 Free Shipping

3 Pack $28.95 Free Shipping

5 Pack + 1 Pack Free $47.95 Free, Trackable

The application of the gel must be done until 1 or 2 weeks. The use of the product can be increased until the yeast infection causes in females do subside. After every application of the gel, the area must be washed in warm soapy water and dried out with ease completely. By applying a regular amount of gel daily, you can get instant relief from any unwanted trouble. There are no side effects of using Femiplex gel on the body as it helps in well balancing the area on where it is applied.

It is advisable not to wear nylon undergarments as they can lead to inflammation and itching.

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