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Homoeopathic Formula ‘P’ TabletsThe Prostate is one of the major organs in a male body. In old age, the prostate may slightly gets enlarged due to various reasons. This condition is commonly called enlarged prostate. There may be various conventional treatment methods available for this condition, though they cannot get you a permanent solution. This is where a natural treatment like homeopathy comes into. Homeopathy can give lifelong solution to this problem in a minimum cost.

Homoeopathic Formula ‘P’ Tablets is such a renowned medicine prepared by Bakson group which can give wonderful remedy to prostrate problem. It is one of the best prostate homeopathic medicines that promote the functioning of the prostate organ in a natural manner. One can avoid surgery by opting for homeopathic treatment to get rid of enlarged prostate. It can take care of all the painful symptoms of a benign prostrate. One can get tremendous relief from pain by taking this natural medicine without having any side effects.
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Health benefits of Homoeopathic Formula ‘P’ Tablets

It is a well tested medicine helps in the active functioning of the prostate gland. It has a combination of several wonderful homeopathic drugs namely

  • Chimaphila umb
  • Sabal serrulata
  • Clematis erec
  • Conium mac
  • Pulsatilla nig
  • Ferrum picricum
  • Pareira brava
  • Populus tremuloides, that help in the well being of the prostate. It can safeguard your prostrate from any diseases and help to urinate easily. It gives painful urination treatment in prostate patients. Prostrate patients either find it difficult to urinate or have frequent urination problem. Being one of the best prostate homeopathic medicines, this medicine can offer a remedy for all such symptoms.

Advantages of using Homoeopathic Formula ‘P’ Tablets

This is a renowned prostate alternative medicine which can solve any prostrate difficulties. The Prostrate is located in the urinary bladder and it plays an important role in reproductive functions. The fluid secretion from the prostrate forms a part of semen. The size of the prostate gland increases when a person attains puberty due to the chief male hormone testosterone. Till the age of forty, its size will remain the same. However, after that, the testosterone production gets somewhat reduced and it causes the prostate size to be decreased. It causes urinary obstruction in older men. The advantage of this medicine is that without any surgical procedure, it cures prostrate problems. In western medicine, surgery is the last option in most of the prostate problems, which is hazardous. So, without having any side effects, one can get rid of prostate problems by taking this medicine.

Indications of Homoeopathic Formula ‘P’ Tablets

This is indicated for prostate ailments, like painful urination, frequent urination and enlargement of the prostate. It contains all the well tested drugs of homeopathy that can cure prostate problems. It can aid in the process of painful urination treatment as it contains pain relieving properties. There can be many stages of prostate dysfunction. One is the inflammation of the prostate when a man finds it difficult to release urine. Another difficult condition is the enlargement of the gland due to old age. It should be treated properly to avoid any complications later. It also causes urine difficulty and in certain instances cause frequent urination problem among men. A serious condition is the cancer of the prostate, which is deadly. The cancer cells fast develop in prostate and may break into other parts of the body. However, in certain cases, there may be no symptoms indicated for prostate abnormalities, yet some men may feel pain while passing urine. All these conditions need to be checked immediately with this medicine.

Buy Bakson Homoeopathic Formula ‘P’ Tablets (50 Tablets)

1 Pack $13.50 Free

Directions for taking Homoeopathic Formula ‘P’ Tablets

It is available in tablet form and should be taken as per indicated. Longer use is suggested as there are no side effects reported so far.

Dosage suggested

It is advised patients to take four tablets four times in a day.

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