Divya Gashar Churna Get Relief From Gastric Disorders

Divya Gashar ChurnaDivya Gashar Churna is a wonderful herbal preparation offered by the Divya pharmacy of great yoga guru Baba Ramdev. Swamiji’s medicines have received worldwide popularity now-a-days. The product is a blend of herbal elements, which can solve any gastrointestinal problem. The product is a beneficial product for all types of gastric disorders as it helps in the digestion of food. Heartburn, which is an important symptom of acidity, can create very discomfort for the sufferers. It is a pure herbal remedy for abdominal pain among babies. Alternatively, it helps to remove gas and acidity among people. It can easily ward off abdominal heaviness which is caused by excessive gas formation. It is the best natural way to get relief from the stomach gas problem. It promotes appetite among people by improving their digestive capacity. Indigestion often leads to a decrease in the appetite. It makes the digestive organs active and healthy, which help in the proper functioning of such organs and remove its related problems like constipation and diarrhea.

Divya gashar churna is a renowned herbal remedy for gastrointestinal problem. Derived from ayurvedic herbs, it has no side effects and gives quick relief from gastric disorders and stomach gas problems.
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Who doesn’t love to try different types of food? Tasting new cuisines and trying new dishes is something men and women love equally. Different cuisines constitute of different ingredients which make them unique. While some are composed more of herbs, some have more of spices and some a mixture of alcoholic drinks. While all of these give you a different and sumptuous flavor, there may arise some gastric disorders too due to the consumption of few specific dishes.

Depending upon your stomach and its tendency to take up various dishes, you may face stomach gas problems, acidity, constipation, loose motions and several other gastric problems if you do not keep a watch on what and in what quantity you are consuming anything. Proper indigestion of the consumed is a common problem faced by people across geographical boundaries and of all ages.

Though there are several remedies offered for the same, but at times taking these remedies ends up in constipation and swelling of the stomach as well. That is why herbal remedies are best suggested to cure disorders of the stomach, and one such effective remedy is Divya gashar churna.

Benefits Of Divya Gashar Churna

Divya Gashar Churna is a natural supplement for any gastrointestinal problem. People suffering from gas often complain of a heavy stomach, after consumption of food. Even if they eat less, they always feel like bloating. It gives rise to much discomfort when the stomach is full and tight. It makes the digestion system stronger which prevents any excessive composition of gas. The product can give immediate relief from gas and acidity. Nausea and vomiting are common symptoms of gastric disorders, which can be easily treated with this product. All the herbs contained in the product helps in the proper functioning of the digestive tracts. A good digestion will promote overall health of a person by absorbing nutrients in the body. The product can eliminate the gas problem among people who often feel severe discomfort because of gas. Gas causes heartburn and abdominal pain in some instances. Gastric problems can arise due to many factors, like excessive consumption of tea or coffee or any soft drinks, improper sleeping pattern, too much intake of spicy foods, long term use of any medicine and several others. However, this product can address all these problems. It helps with the digestion and thus will improve sleeping among people. It helps in the strengthening of digestive muscles and makes them stronger to function properly. Thus, it will encourage people to lead a healthy life by balancing all activities inside the body. There cannot be a better product other than Divya Gashar Churna, which overall helps in the gastritis treatment.

It is made of a combination of some powerful herbs which have medicinal qualities that help in treating gastrointestinal problem. As a lot of people suffer from the issue of indigestion, this remedy aids in proper digestion of the food, which further relieves from pain in the stomach, constipation, uneasiness, heaviness of the stomach, heartburn and acidity.

Being natural it has no side effects and works on the root cause of the problem, thereby delivering long standing results. It provides support to the gastric organs, thereby restoring their functionality and helping them perform their duties optimally. Providing these organs the strength to tackle issues of the stomach, this Churna also increases appetite of the body alongside.

Advantages of the product

Divya Gashar Churna has multiple advantages apart from removing gas and acidity. It can increase the appetite as well. It can even heal the gastric ulcers, which is caused by severe gastric disorders. It can address two other important stomach ailments, constipation and diarrhea. It is a powerful remedy which can at once offer relief from all gastrointestinal symptoms. To get rid of abdominal bloating and nausea, this product is very effective for people of all ages. It is a simple natural remedy which has a great power to remove any stomach gas problem.

For someone who has suffered or is suffering from stomach disorders, Divya gashar churna is a life savior. As stomach is one of the most important organs of our body, and the dysfunction of which leads to discomfort, inconvenience and restlessness. A healthy stomach is the sign of a healthy body and an unhealthy stomach makes the whole body paralyzed.

If consumed regularly in the advisable dosage, Divya gashar churna provides quick relief from all sorts of gastrointestinal problems. Considered as an effective remedy for acidity, constipation and heartburn, it encourages the process of digestion of food by the digestive organs and provides instant relief from stomach disorders.

  • A great herbal remedy for the proper digestion of food.
  • Provides relief from heartburn and acidity.
  • Builds up the appetite of the gastric organs.
  • Ayurvedic remedy for diarrhea and constipation.
  • Provides quick relief from the problem of formation of gas in the stomach.
  • Helps in reducing the heaviness that arises in the abdomen.
  • Effective and helpful for people suffering from various kinds of gastrointestinal problems.


It is a product helps in the complete removal of gas and acidity problem. It is prepared from natural herbs Ajwain, black pepper, lemon extracts, cummin seed, black salt etc., which have ancient ayurvedic gas control substancs. These herbs can remove any abdominal gas related symptoms like nausea; bloating or stomach heaviness. It can quickly resolve any gastric ailments. Stomach ailments give tough time to many people. As western medicines can cause severe side effects later, it is best recommended to use Ayurvedic products for gastritis treatment. Ayurvedic medicines are always free from side effects.

Divya gashar churna is indicated for the following conditions:

  • Indigestion of the food consumed by a person.
  • Heaviness of the abdomen due to indigestion.
  • Cramps and pain in the abdominal.
  • Relief from acidity and heartburn.
  • Constipation and gas formation.

Direction Of Taking Divya Gashar Churna

Divya Gashar Churna is recommended in such situations when a person suffers from gas formation and its related discomforts like heartburn and bloating. It should be taken after meals, mixed with Luke warm water. Since it is an herbal formulation, it will not cause any unwanted side effects. It can be regularly used for a longer period of time.

Divya gashar churna is a remarkable remedy for the cure of indigestion of the food. Derived from natural herbs it is purely natural, thereby has no side effects even if consumed regularly for long. Available in a powder form, it provides relief from all sorts of gastrointestinal disorders.

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Dosage Of Divya gashar churna

It is advisable to take one teaspoon of this product twice daily after a meal.

It is advisable to take the Divya gashar churna when a person suffers from gas problem, pain in the abdomen, indigestion or constipation. People of all ages can consume this churan as it is herbal and has no side effects. The churan should be taken only after the meals with lukewarm water. A person suffering from such disorders may take one tablespoon of Divya gashar churna for two times in a day, after the meals.

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