Haridra – Natural Detoxifier, Anti Allergic & Allergic Skin Disorders

haridraFor detoxifier, anti-oxidant, joint health and  allergic skin disorders. In the niche of Ayurvedic medicine, Curcuma longa or haridra is considered as a very crucial herb and when it is in the spice form, it can very easily be identified as it comes with a mesmerizing yellow color. The essence and the stem of the herb can be used both in the dried or the fresh form. The source of this herb consists an array of medicinal benefits. The herb, haridra is known to function as a medicine for allergies and is a great product which helps in enhancing the tone of the skin and the complexion. This herb is so effective that it can be used for fighting ulcer, damage in the liver and even disorders in the respiratory system.

Health benefits

The Himalaya haridra is actually a rhizomatus which is an herb that consists of tufted leaves. The root of this herb consists of Curcumin which has an antioxidant activity and this activity has been thoroughly studied by the scientists and the Western researchers. Curcumin is a constituent which helps in the normal brain functioning of the brain and also stimulates proper cell growth. The levels of cholesterol can be reduced to a large extent with the consumption of Himalaya haridra and also aids in controlling the levels of blood sugar. Himalaya haridra is also considered as an anti allergic product which is very effective for skin infections.

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Indications of not having a proper health

Today’s world is very fast. People hardly get any time for them to take care of their health. Due to shortage of time, they depend on junk food items which are extremely harmful and also the increasing pollution is a very big reason for the degrading health of men, women and children these days. Due to more consumption of oily food, especially children face the problem of having an ulcer. Due to the pollution certain kinds of allergic skin disorders also comes into existence which can have adverse effects on the skin. But there is no need to worry as the new Himalaya haridra is anti allergic as it contains Curcumin which helps in combating with skin diseases. Many people also face injuries in the tissue, leukoplakia, acute eye disease, diabetes, etc. But the Himalaya harder is an antioxidant which has the capability of reducing the oxidative stress and is highly effective in fighting with all these diseases. The Himalaya haridra is the most efficient herb which aids in improving the complexion of the skin and is anti allergic and hence it is considered as a natural detoxifier. The quality of being a natural detoxifier makes it a very useful product as it cleanses the blood and thus reduced skin allergies.

Precautions for avoiding allergic skin disorders

Allergic skin disorders are several. Different persons come across different types of skin disorders. The most common disorder that children face is Eczema due to which the skin becomes thin and thus it leads to irritation. Many have even experienced swelling on the skin due to the leakage of the small vessels of blood and this happens when histamine is released by the immune system. For this the immune system has to be made stronger so that the swelling does not care. Just like children wear sweaters so that they don’t catch a cold, precautions have to be taken so that the occurrence of allergic skin disorders reduces. The best precaution that one can take is by making use of the new Himalaya haridra which helps in soothing the respiratory disorders which are allergic such as allergic bronchitis and also the allergies of the skin.


Himalaya haridra comes in the capsule form which consists of an excerpt of 400mg of haridra. Before consuming the capsules, it is recommended that one should consult with his or her physician first but otherwise one capsule can be consumed, two times in a day. However professional advice is mandatory before its consumption. Children sometimes face difficulty in swallowing the capsules and so it is highly recommended that only children who are above the age of fourteen years can consume the Himalaya haridra capsules. For adults, you will find no other product better than this which will help you in maintaining your overall health.

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