Terminalia Chebula – Colon Cleanser

haritikiHaritaki is an herbaceous plant and it is very common herb used for preparation of ayurvedic as well as herbal medicines. Its properties is been discovered even from ancient time and so was used at that time too. Terminalia chebula includes some holistic methods for treatment of health issues as bowel cleanser and colon cleanser. Along with that it is excellent way for promoting overall wellness of health.

Therapeutic Uses

The fruit of the plant is used for different ayurvedic medicinal formulations. The plant extract of the same is loaded with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It obstructs the bacterial formation as well as growth and fungi like E. coli. Actually E. coli is an organism and it is responsible for different health issues like urinary tract infection. But the fruits have powerful impact over the parasites like amoeba giardia and many more.
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Haritaki extract is used for treating infectious diseases like leucorrhoea, pyorrhea, chronic ulcers and some fungal skin infections. Also, some of the surveys done over the herbal plant said that the oil which can be obtained from the kernel of the Haritaki plant also has some of the substances, and that are very much helpful in increasing the motility of the gastro-intestinal tract. Also, it is similar action to castor oil. Also, it works as a natural cleanser of the digestive system. So it is known as one of the finest home remedies for colon cleansing ideas. It is helpful in increasing the functions of liver spleen as well as colon. So, it is also known as a digestive tonic.

There are a lot of clinical trials were undertaken on the patients with chronic constipation. An extract can be obtained from the herb which is helpful in vacating the bowel and also it increases the regularity of stool. Haritaki is excellent coworker too and so it is the part of some of the herbs too and nothing can be best example than Triphala. This is a wonderful anti-aging herb. To increase the body’s immunity, the herb is also used. Haritaki is also used as a medicine and tonic. It has some anti-mutagenic properties too.

Some of the important health treatment successfully done by haritaki includes treatment of mouth ulcers, cough, asthma, skin problems, stomatitis, leprosy, gastroenteritis and candidiasis etc. it contains some natural laxatives and thus helpful to avoid some of the conditions like intermittent fever, arthritis, rheumatic fever and pain and wounds, the herb should be used. It is one of the best herbs known for the treatment of Vatadosha. It is multi beneficial and is an herbal home remedy for flatulence, indigestion like Vata disturbances. Terminalia Chebula gives you mental alertness and so makes you intelligent. People who are looking for any perfect colon cleanser or bowel cleanser should never forget the name haritaki as it strengthens your digestion too. Avoid some common mouth problems like mouth ulcers, bleeding gums, oral cavity and dental caries etc. with the usage of the same.


Pregnant ladies should not take this and if she wants then definitely consult with your doctor before taking it.

Home Remedies of Haritaki

Take some powder of Haritaki and water to prepare a paste. Now, this paste is anti-inflammatory, analgesic and has healing and purifying properties for cuts and wounds. Also, many of the doctors used the decoction for cleaning the wound before dressing. Also, Terminalia Chebula has astringent properties and so, is excellent for hemorrhoids treatment. You can prepare a decoction with it and used to make gargles if having sore throat or oral ulcers. You can use its dry powder in getting relief from loose gums, ulceration in gums and bleeding gums. It is best home remedies for colon cleansing too.

Health Benefits

Abdominal Issues- Haritaki contains natural laxatives and so is helpful in increasing appetite as digestive aid, liver stimulant, and mild laxative, gastrointestinal prokinetic agent and as stomachic. You can also use the powdered form of herb for treating chronic diarrhea. Haritaki also has gastro kinetic effects. This is a very good property that helps the contents to move out of the stomach. After surgeries, when there is use of adjuvant, then Haritaki is given with other drugs for gastric motility as antihistaminic and atropine likes drugs. Suffering from excessive gas problem in intestine or in flatulence so, you have to use the herb daily for getting better results.

It promotes appetite and so is excellent for proper digestion. This is a liver stimulator and thus helpful in protecting it by ejecting the waste excretory products from the intestines. The herb is a mild laxative and mild colon cleanser. Also, it has properties that can prove helpful to treat liver conditions and also spleen enlargement and in Ascites. It also does the cleaning actions very smoothly. It is free from ill effects, so can be used for longer period of time.

Central Nervous system – Haritaki is helpful to avoid weakness of nerves and nervous irritability. It is a good nerving and promotes the receiving power of all the five senses.

Blood and Heart vessels – Herb is an adjuvant in hemorrhages as it contains some astringent properties. Also, it provides helpful conditions in edema and some other kinds of inflammations.

Lungs – Haritaki is an excellent herb for treating some of the problems like chronic cough, asthma, sore throat and coryza. It is used in Ayurveda for producing Holistic herbal formulation.

Sexual Health – As we know that Haritaki contains astringent properties and is an excellent anti-inflammatory. So, the reason is it is used for treating conditions like vaginal discharges such as leucorrhea and also spermatorrhea. Also, it can also be given as adjuvant in atonic conditions of Uterus.

Buy Haritaki Supplements (60 Tablets)

1 Bottle $12.00 Free Shipping

2 Bottle $22.00 Free Shipping

3 Bottle $33.00 Free Shipping

5 Bottle + 1 Bottle Free $55.00 Free Shipping

For babies and kids/ Customer’s review – As the product is best immune builder and so it is given to babies for building immunity in them. Even I have been giving the same from 10 months of age. It is so powerful that it keeps me away from colds and coughs and works like bowel cleanser. It is excellent home remedies for colon cleansing too…Lisda Ketaren (U.S)

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