Treating Painful Hemorrhoids Naturally

hemorrhoid causesAre you suffering from problems like pain, itching near your anus or having difficulty while seating? Then you must be suffering from Hemorrhoids. This disease is caused by the swollen veins that are located near the anus or the lower part of the rectum. This can be both internal and external in nature. External hemorrhoid causes more pain than the internal ones. But the positive factor about this disease is that it can be treated and cured.

The symptoms and causes of Hemorrhoid

The symptoms of hemorrhoid are many. If there are itching and pain near the anus or if you find that a lump is coming out from your anus then they can be the symptoms of this disease. There are certain other symptoms also which will aware you that you have hemorrhoid. If you pass blood while defecating or while defecating if you feel pain inside your anus then you can make out that you are suffering from this disease.
Though it not sure what are the actual reasons for this disease but the probable factors may be having a hard stool, constipation or a genetic condition that prevails in the family.

The problems that one faces while suffering from this disease

The problems are faced by a person who is suffering from this disease is while passing stool. The pain and bleeding that hemorrhoid causes may be unbearable for some. The same problem is faced while one tries to seat for a long time. If one has this nature of disease frequently then they may also be having anemia as there is a loss of blood associated with this disease.
But there is natural hemorrhoid treatment which can be had to get cured of this painful disease.

The natural treatment of hemorrhoid

There are various natural treatments for getting relief from this painful disease. Let us see those so that if necessary we can also apply those.

Cold compress

This is an effective method of hemorrhoid treatment which can give you relief from the itching and swelling that is associated with this. As the compress is given the veins shrink in size and give you the relief. It becomes easier to pass stool also. You have to wrap ice in a cloth apply the compress many times a day.

Vinegar of apple cider

This is also an effective treatment for both types of hemorrhoid. If it is external you can directly apply the vinegar over it and if it is internal you can have it orally mixing it with water.

Psyllium husk

If you have hard stool the condition is aggravated. Consuming psyllium husk will make the stool soft and it will not provide any stress to the veins and help to reduce the diseases.

As the treatment is absolutely natural there is no chance of having side effects. You will be cured of this painful disease in the most effective manner by this treatment.

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