DANO Anti dandruff herbal hair oil

DANO Anti Dandruff Hair OilFor Dandruff, hair fall, Itching scalp. DANO is herbal product which helps to cure dandruff problems which has become major issue now days. It can also deal with other hair problems like hair fall and itching scalp too. It is a natural dandruff treatment as it affects the fungi static and it is helpful to avoid dead cells from the top of the scalp. This natural hair oil goes inside the roots of hair and vanish the problem.

Benefit of DANO anti dandruff herbal hair oil

Some of the recent findings over DANO has said that DANO possesses broad spectrum antimicrobial activity and the reason it regulates the proliferation of cells. This herbal stimulant also has ability to keep you away from dandruff and other infections. This dandruff hair oil lessens the allergy and irritation over scalp.

Therapeutic Uses

Dandruff has become cause of embarrassment so many times when the gray particles appeared over shoulder. There are some of the dandruff treatments available in the market which assured you to give provided definite results as they promised to make you free from itching scalp but the truth is completely different. The herbal treatment is not a temporary relief for your problem it stays for longer period of time. DANO has broad spectrum antifungal activity.

Direction of Use

After washing your hair let them dry completely. When they are dry, take some quantity of DANO anti dandruff herbal hair oil in your hand and rub it over your scalp and for the purpose you can use your fingertips. This oil is easily absorbing and non-sticky oil. This can be used as you have used your regular oil. You will see pleasant result even after 10 days of usage. Those who are facing the severe problem then no worry you will get dandruff free hair in 20 days after using it. Also, to have healthy hair, you are suggested to wash your hair every other day as hygiene is what that avoid infections.

Diet Recommendations

Sometimes dandruff is the result of some deficiencies in your body. Also, in some cases if dietary items are not digested properly can also cause dandruff. So, you are here suggested with some dietary ideas to help you. If fresh fruits and raw vegetables are taken in good amount then you can resist dandruff. So, you can eat whole grain cereals and nuts. Vitamin B, omega 3 fatty acids and zinc intake also lessens the dandruff appearance.

Life Style Change Recommendations

Most of us love to do swimming in the summer time as it gives us relief from heat but do you know that the pool’s water has chlorine added in it which is not good for hair health. For lesser damage to hair, you have to wet you hair with tap water before going for swimming as now, your hair will absorb less salted and chlorine mixed water. Regular usage of chemical rich hair products, using hot curls or iron damaged the hair health and so hair fall and discoloration of hair takes place. Stress is also responsible for bad hair. So, you are advised to live a healthy, stress free life.


Usually in winters after washing our hair we come under sunlight to make them dry which is bad exercise as sun damages the hair most when they are wet. Along with drying them it also keeps all the moisture of hair too.

Home Remedies

The best things you can do for your hair is that wash your hair on regular intervals to maintain hygiene and apply oil over them. Some dandruff remedies mentioned here will help you to solve and even avoid the problem. You can take some mixture of almond oil and olive oil and massage the scalp with that as this is the wonderful home remedy for dandruff free hair. A mixture of vinegar and beetroot juice is also good for dandruff avoidance. Henna if mixed with beetroot juice and then apply over scalp will prove to avoid dandruff quickly. Take some of the fenugreek seeds and soak them in water for whole night. Next morning, grind it to make fine paste and apply over scalp especially to the areas having dandruff. After leaving it as it is wash the hair with shikakai, it is one of the finest remedies to get dandruff free hair.

Curd is good to provide shine to hair but it can also prove a wonderful remedy too. For that you have to keep a bowl of curd outside the refrigerator for 3-4 days. Then add some lemon drops along with 2 spoons of amla powder in it. Mix well to make a paste and then apply over complete head. Wash after 45 minutes. Take fresh snake gourd. Grind it and extract juice from it. This juice if applied over scalp will avoid dandruff. Mix 3 grams of black pepper in 300 ml of coconut oil and bring it to boil. When it becomes cool, strain it. Apply it over hair and leave overnight. Next morning wash with your regular shampoo.

What’s the Concept behind DANO anti dandruff herbal hair oil?

As world is facing lots of hair problem and dandruff is the major among them. Dandruff is not a problem between your shoulder and head but actually the problem is the dead cells over scalp which falls from the head to your shoulder. Some products gives temporary relief from the problem but it’s time to get the permanent solution. So, your choice should be DANO dandruff treatment which is herbal solution for dandruff free hair.

What are Customers’ Reviews about DANO anti dandruff herbal hair oil?

I was suffering from severe dandruff and it becomes very embarrassing when I noticed the white flakes over my shoulder. Even because of this I avoid going to social gatherings but then my neighbor told me about the anti-dandruff properties of DANO herbal oil. I saw difference in my condition after using the oil for just 3-4 weeks as DANO is a specific action against the causative orgasm. My problem completely vanishes in 6 weeks but I am still using it and have problem free healthy hair…Yusuf NY, USA

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