Podagra or gout is that medical condition which involves continuous attacks of inflammatory arthritis which is acute. The joints become red, swollen, tender and hot. The area that gets mostly affected is the metatarsal-phalangeal joint in most of the cases. It might also be present as urate nephropathy, tophi and kidney stones. The reason of this condition is augmented uric acid levels in your blood. Crystallization of the uric acid takes place and all the crystals get deposited in the joints, surrounding tissues and the tendons. Any painkiller that is anti-inflammatory will help in soothing the attacks very quickly. The factors associated with lifestyle will help in reducing the risks of gout attacks. The lifestyle factors are consuming a diet which is healthy, loss of weight, avoiding alcohol and calorie drinks and many more. Even after this if the attacks continue, supplements of Vitamin C can be consumed as it can prevent the attacks from occurring.

Causes of gout

The pain associated with a gout attack is caused because of crystals of uric acid which builds up inside the joints and it also leads to inflammation. Uric acid is generally formed by the body when the protein and the cells are broken down and they get released in the bloodstream. Generally, uric acid gets dissolved in the bloodstream and the kidneys help them in flushing out. Excessive uric acid which is known as hyperuricemia and sometimes, the kidney is unable to get rid of such acid quickly. As a result, crystals form which gets collected inside the joints and also in the soft tissues, kidney and skin. There are some food items which are high in protein which makes the body to produce more and more uric acid which in turn triggers gout. Beverages like cocoa, tea and coffee and even alcohol can result in excessive loss of water from your body which can lead to an attack. Some medications are also known to hamper the ability of the kidney to flush out the uric acid which also includes ASA or acetylsalicylic acid and “water pills” which are given for controlling high level of blood pressure. Certain transformations in weight gain, weight loss, and diet can result in gout attacks. Gout is sort of a complex disorder and can be seen more among men. It can also be seen in women but that is after menopause. Major illness can sometimes lead to gout. Surgery can also result in gout.
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Signs and symptoms

A very common sign of this condition is the night time redness, swelling and tenderness attack. In the big toe, sharp pain will be felt by the sufferers. Gout attacks may also occur in the knees, foot other joints and ankle. The attacks will be lasting for some few days and in some cases for many weeks afore the pain will be going away. Another attack might not occur for months and even years.
The doctor should be informed even if the pain from the gout attack has gone. The building up of the uric acid which was responsible for developing the gout attack will still be harming the joints. The doctor will be asking certain questions and the patient has to go through physical exams. The doctor will also be taking a sample which will be taken from the fluid of the patient’s joint to search for crystals of uric acid. This is considered the best way for testing gout. The doctor will also be performing a blood test for measuring the amount of the uric acid in the patient’s blood. The doctor can also give a corticosteroid shot for stopping the gout attack.

Home remedies for gout

  • Consuming fruits such as pineapples and cherries – This will help in reducing the gout and will greatly help in easing the pain.
  • Staying hydrated is very important – Water can drastically help in reducing gout. The formation of uric acid crystals can be reduced with water. Instead of having sodas. Water should be consumed.
  • Eating grapes – In a particular alkaline, grapes have a high content which aids in reducing the acidity associated with uric acid. Grapes will help to eliminate uric acid from your body.
  • Hydrotherapy can also be tried for getting relief from gout.

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