HeadacheNothing is crueller than a headache. One has to go through a lot if suffering from a headache. What headache is? Basically, it is not a disease and is a common problem can be seen among people. But, it’s not recommended to take a regular headache lightly considering it common, because it can become a serious disease such as a migraine. These days, teenagers are suffering from a headache more. Perhaps their modern routine and, technology and stressful lifestyle provide them with the problem of a headache.

Taking a pain killer is the instant cure people usually prefer when a headache occurs. They do so when they are not aware of the available home remedies for headache. Yes, painkiller is not the only solution to headache as some other natural cures are also there.

Symptoms of a Bad Headache

  • Extreme pain
  • Dullness
  • Compression around the forehead, neck and back
  • Inflammation in the scalp, forehead, shoulders and neck

Causes of Headache

  1. Tension: People used to take over burden or tensions over their head are likely to suffer from tension headaches.
  2. Dehydration: Lack of water soluble in the body called dehydration that can cause the problem of headache.
  3. Alcohol: People used to take alcohol in excess are the one suffering from headache.
  4. Reducing the intake of caffeine: People make a quick switch between the caffeine and other beverages on the lieu of it can go through the headache.
  5. Insomnia: Not taking proper slumber of insomnia also can be a reason of headache.

Five Proven Home Remedies to Cure Headache Are Presented Here

1) Lemon:

Lemon is one of the natural headache cures that can provide relief from headache to some extent.

Ways To Use lemon:

  • Drink lemon water
  • Drink lemon tea
  • Scrub a lemon over the forehead

2) Ginger:

Ginger is a powerful remedy that attacks the headache quickly. It reduces the inflammation of the blood vessels and provides relief from headache.

Ways to Use Ginger:

  1. Chew one or two pieces of raw ginger daily
  2. Mix lemon juice and ginger juice and drink
  3. Boil ginger powder and raw ginger pieces in water and drink
  4. Apply paste of ginger powder on forehead for some time

3) Basil:

Basil is as well a beneficial herb and a powerful home remedy to treat headache. Same as ginger, basil also relaxes the scalp muscles and help getting rid of a headache.

Ways to Use Basil

  • Chew some leaves of basil
  • Apply basil leave and basil oil over forehead
  • Boil some basil leaves or add some basil oil in boiled water and take its steam
  • You can have basil tea as well

4) Mint Juice

Mint of mint leaves contain menthone and menthol in sufficient quantity. These two elements are powerful enough to treat the headache problem.

Way to Use Mint Juice

Take some mint leaves and compress them to retrieve some juice out of them and apply on the forehead.

5) Ice Pack

Inflammation is a feeling of burning and ice can provide required cooling that reduces inflammation and help in treating the headache.

Way to Use Ice Pack

Use a plastic bag, fill the ice cubes in it and apply on your forehead, scalp, neck and shoulders.

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