Inside the anal canal, there are some vascular structures found which aids with control of stool. Those vascular structures are known as haemorrhoids. They are known to become piles if they get inflamed and swollen. In their normal state, they function just like a cushion that is made of connective tissue and also arterio-venous channels. Mainly, hemorrhoids occur when some kind of straining is put at the time of bowel movements and even from the augmented pressure on the veins at the time of pregnancy. Hemorrhoids is sometimes situated in the rectum which is known as internal haemorrhoids and also they develop beneath the skin around the area of the anus which is known as external hemorrhoids.

Signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids

The signs and symptoms are as follows:

  • Around the anal region, some may feel irritation and itching
  • At the time of bowel movements, painless bleeding might occur. You may be noticing less amount of red blood which is bright in colour on the toilet tissue
  • You may also feel discomfort and pain
  • Around the anus area, you may also notice swelling
  • Sometimes a lump may develop near the anus area and it can be sensitive as well as painful

The symptoms of hemorrhoids, solely depends upon the location. Internal hemorrhoids are found in the rectum area which usually can’t be felt or seen and they don’t even cause discomfort. At the time of passing stool, if there is some kind of irritation and straining, then the delicate surface of the haemorrhoid may get damaged and bleeding might also occur. Internal hemorrhoids can get pushed due to straining via anal opening. This can be called a prolapsed hemorrhoid and even a protruding and it causes a lot of irritation and pain.

External haemorrhoids are found beneath the skin around the anus area. Due to irritation, external haemorrhoids can sometimes bleed and even itch. Many a times, blood gets pooled in external hemorrhoids and they form thrombus which is a kind of a clot. It results in acute inflammation, swelling and even pain.

A common indication of hemorrhoids is bleeding. However, rectal bleeding can develop with many other diseases such as anal cancer and colorectal cancer. It should never be assumed that bleeding can only occur from hemorrhoids without consulting any doctor.

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Causes of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is generally caused by augmented pressure on veins in rectal and pelvic area. As the pressure gets augmented, blood gets pooled in the veins and as a result, swelling occurs. Eventually, the veins that are swollen stretch the tissues that are in the surroundings and as a result, hemorrhoids develop.

There are some bowel habits, which causes augmented pressure and result in hemorrhoids. The habits are as follows:

  • Constipation and persistent diarrhoea can sometimes lead to straining and augmented pressure on the veins around the anal canal.
  • You should never rush for completing a bowel movement. Hurrying can result in excessive straining and can augment the pressure on the rectal veins.

There are many other reasons which can lead to hemorrhoids. They are as follows:

  • Overweight is a major reason for the development of hemorrhoids. Excessive weight in the pelvis and the abdomen can augment pressure on the pelvic veins.
  • Pregnancy is also a reason for the development of hemorrhoids. Hormonal changes during this time may augment blood flow in the pelvis area and the foetus causes augmented pressure on the blood vessels.

Home remedies for hemorrhoids

You will be able to get relief from inflammation, mild pain and swelling due to haemorrhoids with some of the home treatments. Sometimes these treatments are the only treatments that are needed.

  • Keeping the anal area uncluttered and fresh – You should use warm water for cleansing the skin around the anus and it has to be done very gently.
  • Using topical treatments – You can use pads which contain hazel or a suppository which contains hydrocortisone. These will help you in getting relief from the pain and swelling.
  • Applying cold – You can apply cold compresses and ice packs on the anus for getting relief from swelling
  • Medications for getting relief – You can use aspirin, Tylenol temporarily and these will aid in getting relief from discomfort

With all these treatments, the symptoms are going to go away and that too within one week. Still if you do not get relief, you should consult a doctor.

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