Hepatitis A, B, C

hepatitisHepatitis is a liver disease. Its criticality is divided into three stages named Hepatitis A, B, C. Hepatitis A is an inflammatory viral disease transmitted via contaminated food, fecal-oral contact and household contact. The next critical stage is Hepatitis B transmitted via sexual intimation, mother to child and infected body fluids. After this one, there is Hepatitis C that is the most dangerous stage contains life risk and permanent damage to the liver. Exposure to blood is the main cause of its transmission. However, not to worry as home remedies for Hepatitis A, B, C are available that can effectively treat Hepatitis.

How to recognize the stage of Hepatitis? Here some symptoms of each Hepatitis stage are mentioned

Symptoms of Hepatitis A

  • Fever: Fever is the most common disease, but a symptom of Hepatitis. Getting fever more than often can be a sign of it.
  • Jaundice: When Hepatitis disease damages the liver, it stops its normal functioning and starts leaking the bilirubin chemical that produces jaundice, a disease or condition that makes the skin yellow and make the body weak.
  • Loss of appetite: One can lose appetite if is about to get Hepatitis A.

Symptoms of Hepatitis B

  1. Fatigue: Weak liver provides extreme weakness to the body and that situation called fatigue.
  2. Lymphadenopathy: Inflammation of lymph nodes called lymphadenopathy usually appears in groin, neck, and armpits.

Symptoms of Hepatitis C

  • Permanent damage to the liver: Hepatitis C can be considered as the last stage of this disease of the liver that permanently damages the liver and sometimes can become a cause of death.
  • Now you can better judge how risky and life-threatening Hepatitis disease is. How to cure hepatitis? Here some natural home remedies are presented to cure Hepatitis A, B, C:

Home remedies for Hepatitis A

Stay Hydrated:keeping your body enough hydrated is required for preventing Hepatitis A. For this drinking plenty of simple water or coconut water in a day is recommended.

Home remedies for Hepatitis B

Say Good Bye To Alcohol: Alcohol and drugs directly impact the liver even if you are not suffering from Hepatitis. Hence, consuming alcoholor any other drug as such in this condition may prove hazardous. To prevent hepatitis saying good bye to alcohol is required.

Home remedies for Hepatitis B
  1. Exercise: A physical activity or a light exercise in this condition is recommended as it can keep the body active and will make the body able to fight with the disease.
  2. Healthy Diet: Eating healthy meal can work as a natural liver support. Thus, avoid unhealthy food and switch to the healthy meal filled with nutrition.

Note: It is strongly recommended that meet your physician before starting any treatment, whether via home remedies or any other drug available in the market.

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