Dr. Willmar Homeopathic QUERCUS ROBUR 1X

Homeopathic QUERCUS ROBUR 1XSay No To Alcohol Naturally With The Help Of Dr. Willmar Homeopathic QUERCUS ROBUR 1X
People consume Alcohol on various occasions due to various reasons. Some may have it for momentary enjoyment, whereas some may want to get rid of any bad memories. If it is consumed in limited amounts, it will not affect you. Alcohol promotes addiction, so even if it is taken in small amounts, it may result in habit formation. According to studies, alcohol slows down the activities of the brain and hence drunken people find it difficult to walk and talk. Some may struggle to stand erect. Too much alcohol consumption will compel a person to utter incoherent words. Apart from it, people will vomit and will have wild gestures. Alcohol directly enters into the blood stream and it affects the liver.

Chronic alcohol consumption will lead to liver cirrhosis. So it is highly necessary to get rid of this bad habit in life. There can be many ways to treat alcoholic patients. Some join rehabilitation center and some may take to some other drugs. Homeopathy has a different way to treat alcoholism, which aims to develop de addiction among drinkers. Dr Willmar homeopathic Quercus Rober 1x is a well tested medicine for alcohol de addiction, which is absolutely free from side effects. It can treat all associated symptoms of alcoholism among patients.

Health benefits of Quercus Robur 1x

This is a wonderful homeopathic medicine, which can treat alcoholic addiction among people. Alcohol consumption has never been welcoming as it can affect several parts of our body. It can affect liver, heart, nerve, stomach, intestine, pancreas, brain and other organs. This medicine can cure depressive nervousness, one of the chief symptoms of alcoholism. Secondly, it said to be effective to treat taciturn status, often seen among alcoholic people when they tend to be reserved and uncommunicative. Together, it can check other symptoms like frequent distress feeling, drunken feeling in the head, pain in the spleen, diarrhea etc. Most importantly, it can check the craving for alcohol. It works as an antidote to the alcoholic state. It can prevent the bad temper arise from consuming too much alcohol.

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Advantages of Quercus Robur 1x

The chief advantage of the product is that it can slowly diminish the symptoms of alcohol without causing any serious health consequences. This medicine is the best answer to how to treat alcoholism. Alcohol produces innumerable health hazards in the body. It can give rise to various illnesses including cancer. It can cause insomnia and high blood pressure and will lead to diseases of the stomach and digestive organs. It can damage liver, one of the most important organs in our body. Apart from physical illness, it will cause psychiatric illnesses like poor concentration, lack of judgment, chronic depression and memory problem which can make daily life very difficult. Studies say dependence on alcohol is a growing concern across the world population. A global survey indicates a rising level of loss of life and property as a result of hazardous drinking style. So it is vital to eradicate this bad habit once and for all and only homeopathy can help you with that. Various homeopathic research studies show alcohol de addiction and its withdrawal symptoms. It is useful in the treatment of all those specific sensations related to alcohol consumption like deafness with noises in the head, giddiness etc.

Indications of Quercus Robur 1x

It is indicated to curb associated symptoms of alcoholism. Moreover, it can check the cravings for alcoholism, which is the primary step to get rid of the habit. It can develop de addiction for alcohol among such patients in a very safe manner. It produces antidotes in the body to combat alcoholic state. This medicine will teach you how to treat alcoholism naturally. It helps to take control of the withdrawal symptoms produced during the process of quitting alcohol. This homeopathy drug is made from common oak. Quercus or oak has been used since ages in the treatment of diseases like dysentery, diarrhea, gastric catarrh, swelling of spleen and other alcoholic symptoms. At the same time, it can treat other symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, giddiness, gout, intermitting fever, dropsy (splenic) etc.

Directions for taking Quercus Robur 1x

It is available in tablet form, so take it in normal amount on a regular basis. No side effects have been indicated after using the product. One can reduce the amount of dose, once symptoms improve.

Dosage recommneded

Take two tablets twice in a day.

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