SBL Homeopathy AT 200 Tablets

Homeopathy AT 200 TabletsSBL Homeopathy AT 200 tablets is a natural herbal product which is useful in treating sprains, fractures and injured wounds. It is a combination of proven homeopathic drugs which are known to work wonders on joints diseases. SBL Homeopathy AT 200 tablets revitalize and strengthen skeletal muscles. These tablets inhibit shock after all types of accidents and trauma. It helps in diminishing the pain and swelling due to any injury. It is very helpful in treating pain in the joints. It helps in reducing the growth of swollen tissues and promotes the growth of healthy connective tissues. It nourishes the joints and makes muscles strong and healthy.
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Indication of AT 200 tablets

SBL Homeopathy AT 200 tablets help in repairing and joining fractured bones. It is used in pre and post surgery care for fast recovery. It is a wonder medicine for backaches, muscular and joint pains. It is used as a part of first aid in all accidents to prevent shock. It can be used to get relief from any kind of pain caused due to bad postures. It is recommended to arthritis and osteoporosis patients. Osteoporosis is a very common problem in ladies after menopause.

Benefits of AT 200 tablets

SBL Homeopathy AT 200 tablets prevent traumatic shock. These are wonderfully effective in trauma relief and joints relief. These tablets repair the fractures wonderfully. These tablets works like magic on pain in the joints are used in treating arthritis, backache, osteoporosis etc. SBL Homeopathy AT 200 tablets give relief from pain and swelling. These can be taken regularly in middle age to strengthen joints and bones.

Ingredients of Homeopathy AT Tablets

  1. Arnica Montana – It is used to treat traumatic injuries and muscular pain.
  2. Hypericum Perforatum – It is used in treatment of nerve injury and punctured wounds.
  3. Ledum Palustre – It is used in treatment of gout and pain in ankles.
  4. Rhus Toxicodendron – It is used in treatment of gout and sprains.
  5. Ruta Graveolens – It is effective in pain in bruises and wounded bruised bones.
  6. Symphytum Officinale – It works on pricking pain and irritable stump.
  7. Bellis Perennis – It acts on sprains and bruises.
  8. (All ingredients in equal proportion)

Therapeutic Uses of Homeopathy AT Tablets

SBL Homeopathy AT 200 tablets works very well for trauma relief. It is given to patients after accidents or trauma to prevent shock. It is the most preferred medicine for pain in the joints.

Dosage of AT 200 Tablets

Adults: 4 SBL Homeopathy AT 200 Tablets can be taken after every four hours in a day.

Children: 2 SBL Homeopathy AT 200 Tablets can be taken every four hours in a day.

But you are suggested to take physician’s advice before taking these tablets.

Diet Recommendations

Healthy eating habits can reduce pain in the joints. Anti inflammatory foods can help you recover faster and reducing painful symptoms. Read the nutrition label carefully before buying any product. Use fat free or reduced fat products. Omega 3 fatty acid is the healthiest of fats for people who are suffering from joint pains. Use salmons, walnuts, soybeans and seaweeds to your diet. These all are rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. Use extra virgin olive oil for cooking instead of butter or vegetable oil. Olive oil contains oleocanthal which is helpful in preventing inflammation. Add guava, bell pepper, orange, pineapple, papaya, turnip, apricot, spinach, corn, carrot, broccoli, blueberries, eggplant, plum, cherry and apple to your diet. These foods have antioxidants that slow down the progression of joints pain. Ginger and turmeric have superb anti-inflammatory properties. Use these regularly to suppress inflammatory chemicals.


Exclude the foods from your diet that increases inflammation.If you are overweight, you are putting extra stress on your joints. This can result in wear and tear. Avoid excess calories and have a balanced diet to maintain your weight. Do regular exercise or walk few miles to shred the extra weight. Get adequate amount of Vitamin D in your diet for joints relief. That lessens the chances of formation of swollen tissues. Avoid saturated fats i.e. fats in and from animal products. These include full fat dairy foods, cookies, bars, baked goods etc. Trans fats increase the shelf life of product and are more harmful than saturated fats. Avoid the foods with more Trans fats. To prevent the progression of inflammatory tissues avoid refined foods. Say a big no to white rice, bread, crackers, sugary foods etc.

Side Effects of Homeopathy AT Tablets

These tablets are prepared from homeopathic remedies and have no side effects. These can be used safely for longer period of time for trauma relief and joints relief.

Home Remedies for joints pain

Joints pain is a very common health complaint and can happen to anybody. There are various home remedies to treat pain in the joints. Some of them are as follows-

  • Carrot cultivates ligaments of our body. It is used in Chinese medicines from years long. Grate one carrot and add 4-5 drops of lemon juice to it. You can eat raw as a salad or can steam the grated carrot also. It will give you relief from pain.
  • Take a bowl of clean water and soak a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds overnight. Drain the water off and munch the seeds. These seeds are bitter in taste but after some time you will feel a pleasant sweet taste. Fenugreek seeds are warm in nature and they help in healing joints pain.
  • Onion is a well known anti-inflammatory food. Eat more onions to improve the immune system.
  • For immediate relief from joint pain, massage your joints with warm mustard oil. You can also add clove to it. Massage improves circulation of blood and relaxes the muscles.
  • These home remedies require very less effort but they produce great results.
Customer’s Review for SBL Homeopathy AT 200 Tablets

I am 45 year old woman. I am slightly overweight. I was experiencing obvious pain in my joints from past few years. I started taking SBL Homeopathy AT 200 tables two and a half months ago. I cannot believe that within three weeks, I started feeling relieved from joints pain. This medicine has changed my life and it is a miracle tablet. I will vouch for the difference this medicine has made in my life…Lauren Marie (U.S)

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