In our day to day life we often suffer from various types of pains and ailments which most of us take very lightly. If attended to on time properly many physical ailments can be curbed at the very early stages which will also help us feel relieved from pain experienced due to the same. When talking about pain, some physical conditions cause mild pains that last for shorter period of time. Some cause excruciating pain that irrespective of the duration they exist the pain is just unbearable. Pain related to lower back, neck, hips can become excruciating and debilitate us from doing anything productive. Sciatica is one such pain which can be excruciating requiring immediate medical attention. We will see about the many home remedies available for Sciatica in the following paragraphs

What is Sciatica?

The nervous system is made up of nerves that are connected to all parts of our body. The nerve that connects the legs with lower back is called Sciatic nerve. Any pressure experienced by the Sciatic nerve causes pain that radiates from the lower back portion into the legs. Such pressure on sciatic nerve is causes when the spine gets pressed by any bone or disk. This is the main symptom of Sciatica. This pain is usually self diagnosable and when medical help is sought due to the severity of the pain imaging tests are taken in the lab. Sciatica does not affect both the sides at the same time. Let us have a detailed look as to how to cure Sciatica

Home remedies for getting rid of pain caused by Sciatica

1. Cold press or heat treatment
Take ice cubes or ice water in the pack available for the same. Press this ice pack on the area where you feel the pain for 15 to 20 minutes. The same treatment can be given using hot packs also. Repeating cold and hot treatments as frequently as possible will provide relief from pain caused due to Sciatica

2. Massage gently
Apply good quality pain reliever cream on the affected area and gently massage with finger tips. Massage understanding the points where the pain is triggered from. Pain in lower back, thighs and buttocks areas often triggered when the Minimus Muscles Gluteus Medius are affected. Hence massaging these muscles will provide relief from pain caused due to Sciatica. Massage twice or thrice a day depending on the pain experienced

3. Knee to Chest Stretching
Exercising regularly helps alleviate many pains from our body. The exercise that would relieve you from pain caused by Sciatica is a simple one. Lying flat on your back, bend one of your legs and touch your chest with the knees. Bring the leg back to the original position. Repeat the movement with the other leg. After coming to the original position, lift both the legs together and touch your chest with both your knees. Repeating this as many times as possible will help you manage pain caused due to Sciatica

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