Addyzoa Capsule – Improves Sperm Count

improves sperm countInfertility is fast increasing in globally due to high stress level and some other reasons. Especially to talk about male infertility, the basic reason of it can be related to a low level of sperm count or unhealthy sperm. Charak Addyzoa capsule is an herbal supplement to treat various conditions related to male infertility. It improves sperm count in men by nourishing the reproductive tract. It can be called a natural sperm increase method that helps lots of males to attain the glory of fatherhood.
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Health benefits of using Charak Addyzoa capsule

  • It improves sperm count in men in a faster manner. It can address the male infertility causes and solve them in a natural manner.
  • It helps to increase sperm motility in men. Sperm motility refers to the natural ability of sperm to move safely up to reach the uterus or to the egg, in other words. It is a natural capacity of the sperm to swim through in order to make the egg fertilized.
  • It is said to improve sperm morphology or the shape and size of the sperm. It is one of the contributing factors that determine the semen quality in men. It refers to the normal percentage of sperm that appears in the semen microscopic analysis. It helps the sperm to acquire a normal shape, that with an oval head with a long tail. If any abnormality noticed when a sperm appears with the head and a crooked tail. Such defects can affect the ability of a sperm to fertilize an egg. However, this is not the only factor that determines infertility.
  • By way of improving sperm count, it can increase the chances of pregnancy in women.
  • It is believed to encourage sexual activities in men. As a result, men tend to indulge in sexual activities more friendly.

Advantages of taking Charak Addyzoa capsule

Addyzoa is absolutely safe which can be used by people of any age. It is a renowned male infertility tablet to get rid of sperm related deficiencies. It is a well-tested product which causes no contradiction if used with other medicines and that is an advantage with this product. Male infertility can be described a condition whereby a man is unable to release sufficient amounts of sperm in order to make a lady pregnant. It is a complete herbal product which contains herbomineral spermatogenic antioxidant properties.

It reduces low sperm motility and prevents damage to the sperm cells and thus helps them to sail through the uterus from the vagina. It improves sperm health. So, it contains antioxidant qualities, it helps to save the sperm from oxidative attack. It improves the semen quality in men, which also play a great role in pregnancy. All the herbal components have worked wonderfully in a harmonious way to make the sperms live longer and healthy enough to perform their activities.

Indications of Charak Addyzoa capsule

This is a product indicated for some of the male infertility causes, including Oligo and Teratospermia.

  1. It can prevent Teratospermia by improving the shape and size of the sperm in order to help them to perform their functions well.
  2. It can improve Oligo or less amount of sperm count in men, which leads to infertility.
  3. It can take care of low sperm motility by enabling the sperms to move up into the uterus to fertilize an egg.
  4. It is indicated for low sexual appetite
Directions for using Charak Addyzoa capsule

Some dietary restrictions are needed in order to gain maximum benefits from the product

  • Men should take high protein foods during the period along with dairy products like milk; butter etc.
  • They should take meat or egg in moderate amounts
  • They should have intercourse during the middle of women’s menstrual cycle, which has greater chances of pregnancy.
  • They should stay away from taking too much spicy food
  • they should not take alcohol during the time period
  • They should say no to smoking and have less mental stress
  • Stop eating late night and any other irregular food habits
Dosage Of Charak Addyzoa capsule

Young adults should take two capsules twice in a day up to three months, while elderly persons can take one capsule twice a day up to three months.

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