SBL Homeopathy Jaborandi Hair Oil

jaborandi hair oilSBL Homeopathy Jaborandi Hair Oil contains pure extract of Jaborandi herb and is able to put full stop over hair fall. Also, it helps to strengthen the roots of hair and even repairs the damaged hair too. It helps to prevent hair loss naturally and treat even baldness along with some other hair problems like hair graying or dandruff etc.


As the base of oil is herbal composition then it has bob greasy base which helps to make hair feel non oily. As told the hair oil is result of blend of some of the time tested herbal ingredients included jaborandi which is beneficial for hair fall, premature graying, split ends and dandruff etc. Due to growing age if you are fighting with dandruff and premature hair fall and finding solutions for hair loss then the herbal oil is correct choice for you. Using the herbal oil on regular basis keeps away the different signs of aging but it is not that youngsters can apply that as it gives same benefits to the youngsters having same kinds of hair problems as well. To get maximum benefits it is necessary after washing your hair take some oil at hand and applies over the roots of hair and then gives a gentle massage using the finger tips.

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Jaborandi – It contains Jaborandi (Pilocarpus microphyllus), suitable approved base and antioxidant preservative mixture. Jaborandi is actually an herb that can be found easily in Amazonian tropical forests. Lamina’s surface have sprinkles with some of the translucent dots and each dot over leaf is gland which radiates oil having good amount of alkaloid compounds. This oil is helpful to prevent hair loss naturally and keeps premature hair greying and baldness away as well.

Brahmi – Brahmi is one of the best solutions for hair loss as it gives nutrition and strength to scalp and so you can feel free from hair loss. If you massage with brahmi over the scalp then it gives way to proper circulation of blood to scalp and thus the roots of hair becomes strong. It is effective way to treat dry scalp and dandruff.

Cantharis – A green bettle named Lytta Vesicatoria (Spanish fly) is known to be source of the same and the great news is that it keeps the dandruff, baldness and some other hair issues away from you.

Arnica – The anti-inflammatory properties of the arnica makes it wonderful hair loss control and along with that it also manages dandruff and provides you proper hair growth as well. It stimulates the hair follicles which is clear indication of hair strengthening. Also, the fear of premature greying of hair also be avoided if you are using the same. You need to apply the oil at night before washing your hair and it should be in this way as it drenched the hair roots. Then it would be work like great hair treatment and you can even use the same as hot oil treatment as well.

Therapeutic Benefits

There are so many people around the world who want to get rid of hair loss then the herbal oil is made for those people and along with that it removes dandruff as well. Regular massaging the scalp with oil provide relax to brain as it gives way to proper blood circulation which is required to strengthen the roots of hair. It is necessary for stimulating hair growth and avoiding the breakage of hair as well. It removes dryness from scalp because regular oiling makes the scalp moist.

Health Benefits

SBL Homeopathy jaborandi hair oil has smooth texture and if the herb jaborandi hair oil is used as herbal tea then it can solve the issues like flu, pleurisy and rheumatism. It prevents hair loss naturally and so keeps the problem of baldness away as well. Even jaboradi is a compound which is found in different shampoos, hair oils and conditioners which promised to promote hair growth. Even you can use the solution made with leaves of herb. For that you have to take some fresh leaves from the jaborandi herb and boil them in a bowl of water. Now, take that solution and put over scalp then massage the scalp well to promote the hair growth. Suffering from hair loss, dandruff and other issues then using this wonderful hair loss control make your hair problem free. It also treats premature graying of hair along with providing some other benefits as well. As it gives solutions for hair loss but also the oil is great for treating some other issues as it is wonder cure for glaucoma. It is also able to treat diabetes as well.


The herbal oil is wonderful for people who are looking for hair loss control. Problems regarding hair like dandruff, split ends and itching to area can also be lessen after massaging the scalp with oil. Some of other issues regarding hair like hair greying and thinning of hair can also be avoiding after using the same.

Direction of Usage SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil

Take some oil in hand and dip your fingertips in oil. Then using the tips applies that to roots of hair and rubs gently. Leave it for whole night. You have to wash the hair next day and it would help to make you get rid of hair loss and other hair issues as well. You can use the same as regular hair oil.

Customer’s review for SBL Homeopathy Jaborandi Hair Oil

I am a 32 years old lady and during my childhood I was blessed with long hair and they have great health but as I stepped in my teenage the hair started falling. That results in heavy hair fall, split ends. Even I saw some grey hair too and that makes me very much worried but then my cousin suggested me to use Jaborandi hair oil and using the same helps me to get rid of hair loss. All thanks to Jaborandi hair oil and my cousin…Jenny (U.S.A)

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