Karela Maintains Normal Blood Sugar

karelaBitter Karela for Better Life. It is true our faces sneer away in the name of Karela (also known as Bitter Melon). Simple cause is its taste. It’s bitter. But its bitterness cannot undo its usefulness as an herb. It grows mainly in the Indian subcontinent and also in some African countries. In India it is eaten more as a vegetable than as an herb. It is cooked with spices to reduce its bitterness. But yes, it is an important food item in our daily lives. Karela have been playing a crucial role in the medical arena from ancient to modern times. Karela has that golden quality. But it cannot be fully utilized when it is cooked and we mostly eat cooked Karela than raw. Here Himalaya Herbal Health Care has done a tremendous job. They have compiled all the benefits of Karela into one tiny capsule. You take one and you have every single goodness of Karela within you. Nevertheless it is herbal. So, there is almost no chance of side effects. Who has thought one can have all the efficacies of Karela without tasting the bitterness? But we have to remember that it is a medicine. It is a boon to the all people who suffer from high sugar problems. Himalaya Karela is a good herbal glycemic support for the body and maintains normal blood sugar to ensure proper working of the organs. Any type of change in the blood sugar levels can drastically reduce the immune system and give a profound negative impact on the organs.

Latin Name : Momordica charantia Linn

English Name / Common Name : Bitter Gourd / Bitter melon

Sanskrit / Indian Name : Karavella, Karela
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Sugar is an element that is present in every edible item that surrounds us. In our body, blood sugar is at optimum level helping us to several functions with ease. With consumption of a sugar rich food, the level gradually increases and with rise in the level, the damage starts occurring throughout the body. When the blood sugar level gets out of control, it leads to several serious problems.

Himalaya Karela is a natural product that can help the person to fight the symptoms of uncontrolled blood sugar. Made from pure herb extracts, the product is proven in maintain the normal blood sugar levels and keeping the body function normally at all times. Any person can use the product for the purpose treating and control the effects of diabetes. It also decreases the damage on the vessels that supply blood to crucial and important organs.

Health Benefits Of Himalaya Karela

Karela keeps us healthy in various ways. The seeds of Karela contain complicated compounds called Charantin and Momordicin which helps to control blood sugar level in the human body. It is a significant herbal Glycemic support. Glycemic is a key compound which maintains sugar levels based on food selection. It is enriched with Vicine, Peptides and Polypeptide-P to further the procedure to check glucose in our body. Karela supports to keep a normal serum protein level. Above all these it works as an important antidiabetic measure. Not to forget it is an herbal insulin. Doctors prescribe all the diabetic patients more to consume Karela than any other chemical medicines. Another enzyme called Glutathione Peroxidase prevents Hepatotoxicity. Lipid profiles in our body are taken care of by the compounds present in Karela. It decreases secretion of Lipoprotein and increases Alipoprotein secretion which means Karela even plays quite a valuable role in controlling ‘bad’ cholesterol and ‘good’ cholesterol. It upholds the enzymes in the liver to work it properly. People with Psoriasis get benefitted with Karela because it inhibits an enzyme called Guanylate Cyclase. These chemical jargons may confuse you but have no confusion for the goodnees of Karela. In simple words it deals well with high rise in sugar levels, works as a support system in the liver and also enlivens our taste buds.

  • It acts like insulin to reduce the level of blood sugar in body.
  • Maintains normal blood sugar level in the urine of the body.
  • Supports the body in form of a good blood purifier and promotes the health of pancreas.
  • Karela is great for digestion and supports in the liver health.
  • Anybody can use the product for the purpose of detoxifying the body from harmful elements.
  • A normal level of cholesterol is to be maintained in the liver as well as in the blood.
  • Normal functioning of the immune system is maintained by the product and an optimum level of triglycerides is retained.
  • The glucose level of the body decreases and the risk of diabetes is reduced.
  • Karela is rich in iron and contains twice the amount of calcium, potassium, Vitamin C in comparison to the foods rich in it.
  • Any person can treat the worm infestations due to regular use.
  • Other than for diabetes, it is also beneficial for piles and jaundice.
  • Acting as a good herbal glycemic support for the body.

More details on Himalaya Karela

Himalaya Karela comes from the popular herbal company Himalaya Herbals recommended by millions of doctors. The product is 100% vegetarian and is free from any sort of:

  • Sugar.
  • Artificial Colors.
  • Artificial Flavors.
  • Preservatives.
  • Gelatin.

The product comes in the iconic green cap and white bottle combination that is the trademark of the company. About 60 tablets are present in the bottle and each capsule contains Karvellaka fruit extract of 250mg. In a day, about one or two tablets must be taken twice after the meals or as directed by the doctor. Due to the use of natural products, Karela can give progressive and long lasting benefits easily.

Indication Of Himalaya Karela

High sugar level makes one senseless. There are other internal indications which are better to be diagnosed by a doctor.

Precautions To Be Taken

Be sure by a doctor first that you have the disease which makes to take Himalaya Karela. Do not overdose. Before taking this medicine or any other medicine please consult with a general physician.

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Dosage Of Himalaya Karela

Take one capsule twice a day or take as directed by your doctor.

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