Divya Kasis Bhasm For Treatment Of Anemia

divya kasis bhasmNowadays there are a few remedies that help in treating anemia and other blood disorders but Divya Kasis Bhasm is the best natural remedy for treatment of anemia and other blood disorders. Anemia refers to a condition in which there is a considerable fall in the red blood cell count. A person suffering from anemia is bound to experience excessive levels of fatigue as this is one of the most common symptoms. Also, blood disorders make it quite difficult to comfortably cruise through the daily routine because of the complications that arise out of such conditions. Iron deficiency is basically the cause of anemia.

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Benefits Of Divya Kasis Bhasm

There are many benefits of this wonderful herbal composition. Divya Kasis Bhasm is carefully made out of selected natural herbs which help in improving the overall health of the individual. The herbs form together an optimal blend and help in treatment of anemia and other blood disorders in a completely natural manner. Apart from treating anemia and blood disorders this ancient ayurvedic formulation takes care of the health of your eyes, liver and immunity as well which makes it a comprehensive medicine in itself. Also, this medicine provides an entirely natural source of iron for the body to utilize thus improving its efficiency.

Advantages Of Divya Kasis Bhasm

Divya Kasis Bhasm has myriads of advantages to its credit. It is widely known for effectively treating anemia in a natural way while alleviating the symptoms of anemia or any complication arising due to this condition. Also, this herbal medicine is known to possess excellent anti-inflammatory properties while helping liver to support normal functions within the overall body as well. This clearly implies that this herbal medicine is full of benefits and advantages.

Some more advantages of using Divya Kasis Bhasm have been mentioned below

  • This herbal formula increases blood cell count within the blood stream which helps in inducing strength to the overall body.
  • Divya Kasis Bhasm helps in eliminating excessive fatigue due to a physical activity.
  • Because of its total natural composition Divya Kasis Bhasm is able to increase hemoglobin levels in a natural way.
  • Helps in alleviating all the possible symptoms of anemia while reducing the complications rising due to blood disorders.
  • Divya Kasis Bhasm also assists in strengthening the overall immune system which in turn helps in fighting off disease in quite an effective manner.
  • According to ancient Indian medical science i.e. Ayurveda; this medicine has the prefect ability to balance vata and kappha as well.
  • Divya Kasis Bhasm is considered quite beneficial in cases of eyes diseases as well.
  • Sufficient quantities of iron in the body help in overall nourishment as healthy Red blood cells carry ample amount of oxygen with them.

Therefore we can easily make out that this herbal formulation is a complete medicine in itself. It not targets the specific disease but nourishes and strengthens the entire body in one way or the other.

Indications for using Divya Kasis Bhasm
  1. Individuals suffering from anemia should try this medicine and use it over a consistent period of time to reap its benefits.
  2. People who experience fatigue due to low blood count.
  3. People experiencing skin disorders can also opt for this herbal composition and enjoy its benefits.
  4. Lack of overall wellness or feeling of weakness through-out the body.
  5. Other blood disorders.
Advisable directions of Divya Kasis Bhasm

This medicine is to be taken under the guidance of a certified physician or an Ayurvedic doctor. It can be taken along with honey or psoralea seeds to reap maximum benefits. Nonetheless, this medicine is totally safe to be consumed on regular basis.

Dosage Of Divya Kasis Bhasm

Patient suffering from blood disorder or anemia can take around 250 mg of this medicine for once or twice a day depending upon the condition. According to the directions of the physician or an Ayurvedic doctor it should be consumed before or after food.

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