Kesh Raksha hair oil

kesh raksha hair oilKesh, the similar meaning of hair is an important part of our body that add beauty to both the genders. Conventionally , it is related to the beauty of a woman, long and silky hair women are considered as beautiful since ancient times. Baldness or Hair loss is a common problem among men and women. The best way to treat your hair is to naturally prevent them from falling by using a good hair oil for example, Kesh Raksha oil, a type of herbal hair oil. It is known to stop hair fall at rapid rates. It is a famous brand of oil presented by Dr, JRK Sidha research pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, Chennai, which comes as a great remedy of hair fall. For the past 18 years, the company has been actively engaged in experimental research to provide remedy for various disorders. Kesh Raksha hair oil is well appreciated by people who ever use till date. The response is great for this Ayurvedic hair oil.

The causes of hair loss can be related to various reasons including ageing, stress, too much dandruff or lack of protein in the body. It is most often related to a person’s lifestyle which can lead to hair loss. If hair fall is not treated well, one day it will cause baldness. People with baldness often face discrimination on several grounds, it can be very frustrating at times. Even if a person if fit and healthy, lack of hair can diminish his/her beauty.

Health benefits

As per research published, Kesh Raksha hair oil contains an effective Ayurvedic component which helps to stop hair fall. Since protein is viewed as an essential element for the growth of hair, Kesha Raksha is known to enhance protein synthesis which helps in the growth of new hair. Together it gives nourishment to one’s hair. Leave your hair completely dried before applying the Kesh Raksha hair oil. Apply it properly on your scalp and rub well so that the oils can reach to the roots. Leave it for more than half an hour and then wash it with any of the herbal shampoo you are using currently. Washing your hair frequently can give you many benefits. Wash hair at frequent intervals naturally helps to remove dandruff and can save you from head lice. Oiling has manifold benefits. It will improve blood circulation to the head which can save you from many other diseases also. Kesh Raksha oil claimed to have given visible results within ten days of application.


It is extremely helpful in such conditions when one experiences premature hair fall or excessive amount of hair fall. Together it can prevent splitting of hair. Dandruff is one big reason that causes hair loss. So it is essential to remove dandruff from your head. Together with dandruff protection, it can fight against premature graying of hairs and if used for long periods, one can definitely get long, dark and beautiful hair. One great result of Kesh Raksha hair oil is that after applying it, one can feel very relaxed, which means a temporary relief from stress and anxiety. Lesser the amount of stress, the lesser would be the hair fall.


Since it is an herbal hair oil, there are absolutely no side effects from using it.


Kesh Raksha is available in 100 ml pet bottles. Use daily for best results.

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