Lady Secret Serum

St.herb lady secret serumThe St herb Lady Secret Serum contains the herbal ingredients which are based on the Indo Thai herbal knowledge. This serum is very helpful in tightening the vagina and regaining its grip for the intimate pleasure. It is very helpful for the women who have lost the grip of vagina after delivery or because of some other reasons. This also has positive effects on the people who are having sex problems and are losing interest in their partners. This serum is considered to be very advantageous in retaining the original shape of the vagina and gives you complete youthfulness as well as bringing back their pleasure. This will result in tight vagina.

Additionally, the popularity of the product is increasing day by day and the main reason behind this is its effectiveness. You can see the effect of this product in just ten minutes after the application of this product. You will feel contraction and tender feeling of G-spot. The best part of this serum is that it is completely herbal and therefore do not have any type of side effects on the body.

Buy St. Herb lady secret serum

1 Pack(6 Tubes) $80.00 Free

tight loose vagina

Buy St. Herb lady secret serum

1 Pack(6 Tubes) $80.00 Free

Health benefits

There are numerous numbers of benefits of the st herb Lady Secret Serum which are as given below

  • This serum tightens and firms the vagina in a natural way and therefore is very helpful in giving more pleasure as well as comfort.
  • It also contains the estrogen which helps in restoring the lubrication as well as solving the problems related to the dryness of vagina.
  • It is also considered to be very helpful in solving the issues of tight loose vagina.
  • This product has proven to be anti inflammatory and therefore it dispels the unpleasant odour.
  • It protects the vagina from the bacterial infections.
  • It also enhances the vaginal secretion as well as the contraction of the vagina channel.
  • This is quite helpful in the protection of the body from the microbial pathogens.
  • The product reshapes as well as contracts vagina walls for the intimate pleasure.
  • It is also quite helpful in reduction of the excessive mucus in vagina.
  • This product will tighten and restore the grip of Vagina.

tight loose vaginaIndication

This serum is best preferred for the women who are suffering from the vagina problems. It is also preferred for the women who think that her vagina has lost grip and is not happy with her current shape of vagina.


The product is completely herbal and therefore generally it does not have any type of side effects however, if after the application of this product you feel itching or any type of allergy, remove it immediately and consult your doctor. In addition to this it is also important to avoid the use of this product inside your vagina. The product is already capable enough to penetrate deep inside from the outer skin after little massage. Moreover, it is always beneficial to take the prescription of the doctor to use this product.


After the daily cleansing, apply this serum very gently and properly on vagina with properly washed hands, and there is also no requirement of rinsing off the product.

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