Divya Lakshadi Guggul Natural Remedy For Broken Bones

divya lakshadi guggulDivya Lakshadi Guggul is an herbal preparation, or a combination of natural herbs and remedies essentially used for the problems related to our bones. It is available in the form of tablets and made from 100% natural ingredients like laksha (Rasins of ficus religiosa tree), Aruj bark (Terminalia Arjuna), nagbala (grewia hirsuta), guggulu Rasin (commiphora mukul), Asthisamhari (Cissus Quandrangularis) and Ashwagandha (withania somnifera) that work as natural remedies for broken bones and suggested for healing serious fractures, sprains, low bone density, strains and osteopenia. It is an effective Ayurvedic formula to provide enough calcium to the bones that is required in order to treat the broken bones rapidly and to provide power to the bones.

One can face bone problems due to various reasons like falling from the height, continuous running, slipping, accidents, and diabetes, get smashed by a heavy object and so on. Generally broken bones known as fractures and there are two types of fractures one can get e.g. open fracture and closed fracture. In fracture a person become unable to move the fractured part, bleeding may occur in the broken bone, affected joint can look dislocated, swelled and one can suffer from insufferable pain.

Other reasons of bone disorders our bad immune system, lack of calcium, weakness, habits, and incorrect diet also can be the reasons of bone diseases and apart from all this diabetes and cancer are two major illnesses that gradually damage our bones.
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Benefits of consuming Divya Lakshadi Guggul

  • It is beneficial for the people suffering from general weakness, debility and various cardiac disorders.
  • It helps to heal the fractured area early.
  • It used to treat the broken bones.
  • It helps in the rejuvenation of the skeletal system.
  • It helps to boost the spermatozoa in males and used to treat sexual debility.
  • Beneficial for the patients with inflammation, diabetes and anemia.
  • Use to maintain metabolism healthy and remove toxins from the body in order to relief from joint pain.
  • It use to give relief from pain, edema and swelling.

Advantages Of Lakshadi Guggul

  1. It used to supply necessary nourishment of all the systems within the body.
  2. Provide enough amount of essential vitamins to the bones.
  3. Supports to avert the tumorous growth and reduction of pitta aggregation in the body.
  4. It fights against various blood ailments.
  5. It is also beneficial for various types of skin disorders.

Therapies For Broken Bones

  1. It is suggested keeping the fractured part in the correct position and use proper support for natural healing.
  2. Don’t put any burden on fractured part.
  3. Add nuts in your diet like walnuts, flaxseeds and almonds, etc. that help to heal broken bones quickly.
  4. Eat food that contains enough calcium like molasses, green vegetables, Soybeans, oysters etc.
  5. Try to keep the fractured part in sunlight for few a minutes to provide it vitamin D.
  6. Avoid eating fast foods, spicy food and food that contain more quantity of salt.
  7. Avoid drinks that contain caffeine.

Usually fracture is a situation when we act frequently and treat it through heat lotions, plasters or bandages, but along with all this it is necessary to treat these broken bones from inside because bones require calcium and power to especially in the situation of fracture and Divya Lakshadi Guggul helps to complete these essential needs into the body and considered an effective bone fracture treatment, but along with this Ayurvedic medicine need to follow some other treatments is also vital.


It is useful for the people suffering from low bone density, arthritis, stiffness, myositis, bone pain, osteopenia, muscle aches, boils, haemorrhoids, swelling, Sciatica, bursitis, strained muscles, motion injury, inflammatory condition, fibromyalgia, fever, tendonitis, etc.

Buy Divya Lakshadi Guggul 40 gm

1 Bottles $11.00 Free Shipping

2 Bottles $20.00 Free Shipping

5 Bottles + 1 Bottle free $49.90 Free Shipping

Directions for taking Lakshadi Guggul

People in order to reduce the swelling and pain from the fractured area of the body can take this medicine to treat these diseases from inside. One can also take this medicine to keep their bones strong.

Dosage of taking Lakshadi Guggul

One can take one to two tablets twice or thrice in a day with water or milk. One can take these tablets before or after the food.

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