Femiplex Gel For Vaginal Itching Problem, Female Genital Itching And Leucorrhoea Treatment

Female Genital ItchingVaginitis or vaginal itching is one of the major female health problems faced by women worldwide. It happens due to infection in the vaginal area in women as well as young girls. It creates a very uncomfortable condition for women and sometimes it gives pain in the region. Irritation in the vaginal area can be happened due to various reasons. Itching occurs in the vulva, the area that surrounds the vagina region. Bacteria and menopause are two of the prime reasons for this condition to occur. However, in rare instances, it can be a sign of skin diseases and vulvar cancer. It is better to take the help of an ayurvedic product like Charak Femiplex Gel to treat problems in such a delicate area as it causes no harmful effects on the body and will cure the problem as well.
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Health benefits if using Charak Femiplex Gel

  • This is a tremendously helpful natural medicine to treat various conditions related to female health. It can control abnormal vaginal discharge caused by bacterial infection.
  • It is especially an ideal product for pregnant women who often suffer from abnormal vaginal fluids. Moreover, it can prevent recurrent attacks of vaginitis or vaginal itching of any kind.
  • It can save you from extreme vaginal irritation, which causes embarrassment for you. It can control Female Genital Itching problem that most women tend to avoid discussing with doctors due to embarrassment. The vaginal area is normally covered at most times and hence it remains moist. The chances of infection are high in the area. Moreover, sweating occurs in the vaginal region, which makes women prone to bacterial infection.

Advantages of using it Charak Femiplex Gel

This is an ayurvedic medicine, which can take control of any abnormalities in the vaginal region in women, including Leucorrhoea Treatment or abnormal white discharge in women. Moreover, it can cure itching in the vaginal region happened due to chemical reactions. It may be caused by soaps, deodorants, contraceptives, various ointments, detergents and fabrics which give rise to rashes in the genital areas. Diabetic women may also suffer from this problem and those who have urinary issues including loss of bladder control. This is an excellent medicine to prevent those irritants that are carried with them. Vaginitis symptoms include itching, irritation, an inflamed and red vulvar area, discharge, and odor.

Indications of Charak Femiplex Gel

  1. This product is indicated for Leucorrhoea Treatment among women. Leucorrhea or abnormal white vaginal discharge, mostly caused by hormonal imbalance in female’s body. Estrogen being the main female hormone controls sexual and growth activities in the body and if there is any imbalance happened, the vaginal discharge may get increased. It has a bad odor and can be a serious medical condition in certain instances. It may be caused by an inflammation in the vagina or cervix and hence needs urgent medical attention.
  2. Secondly, it is indicated for Cervicitis or an inflammatory condition in the uterine cervix. It is mostly caused by unprotected sex. Other causes may include any reaction to contraceptives.
  3. This product can take care of many other female health scares including Female genital itching, caused by bacteria and extreme stress. This arises due to a weak immune system. Menopausal women often suffer from this problem as the amount of estrogen level goes down after menopause and it makes the vagina dry. A dry vagina causes irritation.
Directions while taking Charak Femiplex Gel
  • By maintaining a proper hygiene and a healthy diet, one can stay away from genital itching.
  • Apart from it, women need to wear properly fitted cotton undergarments, which can absorb the moistures well and will keep the vaginal area dry and free from any infection.
  • Have the proper amount of sleep as it helps to relieve the body parts including the genitals.
  • Eat nutrition rich foods containing lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • During the time, women should consume cow’s milk and ghee.
  • Stay away from using chemical products to clean the vaginal area.
Dosage Of Charak Femiplex Gel

You need to apply a necessary amount of gel in the vaginal area two times in a day. Continue applying it for at least one or two weeks till the symptoms minimized. Post application you require to wash the area properly and leave it completely dried. In case of any abnormality, consult your doctor immediately.

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