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liv52Liv.52 is an unparalleled innovation from the renowned Himalaya Company to promote a healthy liver. It is a purely herbal composition that helps in the digestion and absorption of foods and increase appetite. It makes the liver efficient by protecting it from various toxic materials and chemicals. Being the top pharmaceutical company in India, the Himalaya has become a brand name in many of the healthcare products and Liv.52 is one of the most popular products that benefitted many liver patients worldwide. Because of the absence of side effects, this drug has become very popular among liver patients. Your liver is the one of the main organs in the body helps in the digestion and absorption of food. Liver failure can lead to death. Your liver has to be protected and Liv.52 is the best herbal liver care product. It is widely used to treat all liver problems. It is great natural healer which improves the functionality of our liver and prevents any further liver complications.

Health benefits

Liv.52 is a liver detoxifies who wash out any chemical toxic elements in the body. It contains powerful hepatoprotective properties which prevents hepatotoxicity. It protects the covering tissues of the liver called parenchyma and help to recover patients from parenchyma diseases. It helps to recover patients from hepatic disease whose liver has been damaged. Our liver is a vital organ who performs a lot of functions like digestion, purification of bloodstream from toxic elements. These processes involve a lot of hard work which our liver has to carry out. In today’s highly industrialized environment, the level of toxins is increasingly high which puts some additional burden on the liver to wash out toxins from the body. Liv.52 can help the liver to carry out all these functions effectively. It is the best natural supplement introduced in 1955 for effective liver support.
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Liv.52 is a natural supplement to prevent all types of liver problems including cirrhosis, a disease led to abnormal conditions in the liver. It is the initial phase of the liver damage reflecting several symptoms like jaundice, weakness, loss of appetite, fatigue etc which can severely affect the overall health of a person. It promotes cell regeneration in the liver and prevents them from further damage. It can especially help in the treatment of hepatic patients by maintaining the functional capacity of the liver cells. It also gives protection against liver damage caused by excessive alcohol consumption. It helps patients with fatty liver disease, when a large number of fats accumulated in the liver which may lead to severe health damage. It can be happened to people with alcoholic nature or those who are obese. It helps in the breakdown of fat and prevents any further accumulation of fats in the liver. Apart from improving the functional integrity of the liver, it helps the anorexia patients who have got the tendency to avoid food and experience significant weight loss. It can make them eager to have foods as much as possible. People who are extremely thin can highly get benefitted by using it. It can help pregnant women who often suffer from loss of appetite problem. It helps in the assimilation of foods in the body and will cause significant weight gain. In a nutshell, it is an herbal liver care which improves appetite, absorption and digestion in the body.


Liv.52 is an herbal liver care for people with viral hepatitis and people with alcoholic liver disease. It helps patients with the early cirrhosis phase by improving the cell regenerative capacity of the liver. Patients who suffer from liver damage due to radiation therapy can take this product to improve liver function. It helps in the gradual recovery of patients with chronic illnesses. It has a combination of a list of powerful herbs like Caper Bush (Himsra), Chicory (Kasani) which is a natural protection against damage of hepatic cells and toxicivity in the liver. It increases the amount of protein synthesis in the body which is responsible in the formation of liver cells. Modern research has proved that it is natural liver support against hepatitis, the great killer disease.

Buy Himalaya Liv52 (100 tablets)

2 Bottle $22.00 Free


Two to three tablets twice daily with meal. It is a natural product to promote a healthy liver and the side effect is nil. Though, it is better if you consult your physician before using the product.

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