Charak Fortyfitt Tablets For Loss Of Libido, Control Decreased Bone Mass

Charak Fortyfitt TabletsCharak Fortyfitt Tablets are a unique innovation to treat various sexual problems related to women. It aims to a holistic healing process like any other ayurvedic medicines to keep a person healthy. It is a useful product for elderly women who suffer from various health problems related to bones and sexual weakness. After a woman attains the age of forty, some physical changes occur like menopause, which ultimately influenced the overall well being of her. It is a clinically tested medicine to curb those problems in women. Loss of libido or a decreased level of sexual tendencies is one of the major problems among women who have crossed the age of forty and this medicine can wonderfully prevent them.

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Health benefits if using Charak Fortyfitt Tablets

Old age starts after one attains the age of forty. Women suffer from a lot of health problems during this time. Menopausal women often suffer from mood swing and irritation which can be removed with these tablets. It can decrease the anxiety level in women and keep them away from any cardiac illness. As the name suggests, it is designed for women who are above the age of forty as old age starts after that. Women experience menopause during the time and starts facing different physical transformations which leaves a great impact on their physical as well as a mental state. A Decreased bone mass level is a major reason that causes osteoporosis in such women and this medicine can prevent that. Low bone density causes bone weakness that can give rise to several kinds of joint illnesses.

Advantages of using Charak Fortyfitt Tablets

  • Menopausal women suffer from bone density due to a decreased level of estrogen in the body. It makes the bones weaker and this is one of the main reasons of osteoporosis in elderly women.
  • These tablets work as natural antioxidants and very helpful for our body. They can curb out many diseases. Oxidization in the body may lead to severe illnesses like cancer, diabetes and heart ailments and hence it is necessary to take antioxidants to prevent such conditions in the body.
  • Even they can work as anti aging as they have the capacity to enhance adrenal functions. They are very good medicines for the heart also as they can prevent cholesterol in the body.
  • Apart from that, it is very natural that women lose interest in sexual activities after menopause due to a decreased level of estrogen. Loss of libido or low level of sexual tendencies is a problem suffered by elderly women and this medicine can exactly work on that.

Indications of Charak Fortyfitt Tablet

  1. This is a product which can slow down the natural aging process. It can take care of decreased bone mass density in women and save them from bone related disorders by increasing muscle strength.
  2. It can improve memory functions and hence very useful for the elderly women.
  3. Moreover, it can increase the overall energy level in the body which is a dire requirement for elderly women.
  4. It can increase sexual appetite in women and encourage them to indulge in those activities.
  5. It can prevent cardiac ailments as it can control hypertension in elderly women and keep their hearts healthy and active. It is given to prevent Coronary Artery Diseases in women.
Directions while using Charak Fortyfitt Tablets

Some restrictions should be followed by women while taking the tablets in order to get better results-

  • They need to do some moderate amount of exercise to stay healthy. Yoga is very good for people of any age and women can stay fit and healthy by doing yoga, meditation and some other physical exercises. It is a better way to control stress in life
  • They should eat the maximum amount of fruits and vegetables as they contain antioxidants and are helpful to prevent any illness
  • They should avoid alcohol consumption and smoking at any cost
  • They should avoid spicy foods
  • They should have proper sleep in order to give their body organs rest
Dosage Of Charak Fortyfitt Tablet

Women need to take one tablet two times in a day after consulting with a physician. There are no side effects and contradictions reported after using these tablets.

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